TikTok’s viral wrap hack now comes in pancake form

The TikTok wrap hack has seen a sweet makeover (Getty)
The TikTok wrap hack has seen a sweet makeover (Getty)

The TikTok wrap hack is this year’s biggest food trend - and now people are doing it with pancakes too.

If you haven’t already tried TikTok’s viral wrap hack (what have you been doing?) it involves cutting a singular line from the centre of a tortilla to the outer edge and filling each of the four quarters with different fillings. Once folded, it makes for the perfect hand-sized sandwich (our lunch game has been changed forever).

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Ahead of Pancake Day, the hack has been given a sweet makeover, with TikTok users filling a crepe-style pancake with four different fillings instead.

One social media user, Sophie Allen, spread peanut butter on the first quarter of the pancake and topped it with cinnamon.

Strawberries, chocolate, bananas and maple syrup were added to the remaining segments before folding it up.

Allen, who shared the hack on Instagram and TikTok received over 3,000 likes on her Instagram post, with some users saying it’s “the best thing they have eaten” and others saying it was an “amazing idea”.

TikTok user, @simplyrasha, also shared their idea for a sweet pancake version of the wrap hack, filling it with Nutella, strawberries and bananas.

Of course, you can fill the pancake with whatever you fancy - how about a savoury pancake with eggs, bacon, avocado and hollandaise sauce? Or salmon, cream cheese, capers and rocket?

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TikTok has proved to be a treasure trove of ingenious food hacks over the last year.

After introducing us to the delights of whipped coffee in the first lockdown, it produced the sweet tooth version of whipped hot chocolate in September.

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It’s also revealed why we’ve all been grating our cheese wrong for years and the coffee-infused ice cube trick we didn’t know we needed.

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