Viral wrap hack will change the way you make lunch forever

Watch: A new take on TikTok’s viral wrap hack.

A foodie hack that will change the way you make wraps forever, has been proving popular on social media.

With many of us spending more time WFH, we’re looking for a way to up the ante on our dullsville lunches, and this quick and simple wrap trick is breathing life into snack time.

The hack, which has gone viral on TikTok, involves putting different ingredients into four sections of your wrap, folding it into neat, contained sections, then toasting it.

It’s a game-changer, because who hasn’t made a wrap that sees your ingredients slowly slide out with every single mouthful?

Or excitedly tucked into a homemade wrap only to discover your ingredients are not evenly distributed inside, resulting in several bites of disappointment?

A viral food hack will change the way you make wraps forever. (Getty Images)
A viral food hack will change the way you make wraps forever. (Getty Images)

Shared to the video-sharing platform by a number of people, the trick involves slicing halfway down a flat tortilla wrap and covering each of the four quarters of the tortilla with a different spread or ingredient.

Once you’ve added your choice of toppings, take the cut edge of the tortilla and fold it over each segment in turn.

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You’ll want to keep making folds either clockwise or counter clockwise until the tortilla is folded into a neat triangle.

From there, you can put your flavour packed wrap in a panini press for a few minutes, or place in a pre-heated pan until it’s toasted on both sides.

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Once your wrap is toasted on both sides, it's time to tuck in and enjoy your delicious creation.

It seems the first person to share the genius idea may have been TikTok-er @ellcarter1 who shared her cheesy creation on New Year’s Eve. Since clocking up over 6.3 million views, the simple trick seems to have blown people’s minds and now everyone’s trying their hand at it.

The real beauty of the hack is how customisable it is and since going viral, foodies have been sharing their own mouth-watering creations, playing around with ingredients to experiment with different wrap-fillings.

From full English breakfast wraps to dreamy dessert fillings, whether you create a sweet or savoury dish, this tortilla wrap hack will fulfil everyone’s sandwich needs.

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The wrap trick isn’t the only food hack we’ve been loving on TikTok recently.

Back in September one user shared a simple trick for creating perfect, crispy potatoes every time, using just one store cupboard ingredient.

Other popular hacks of 2020 included a clever way to make Insta-worthy iced coffee using tiny ice cubes and a reboot of the humble hot chocolate to make it whipped.

We even learnt how to make annoying food spills on our kitchen counter a thing of the past and realised we’d been grating cheese wrong this entire time.