Whipped hot chocolate is the new drink trend taking over TikTok

The whipped hot chocolate trend is something we're totally on board with. (Getty Images)
We're totally on board with this whipped hot chocolate trend. (Getty Images)

We may have just enjoyed a mini heatwave, but with news of chilly temperatures on their way, our thoughts are turning to cosy autumn nights.

And nothing says “cosy” more than a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

This year we’re even more in need of an autumnal pick-me-up than usual, so to up the treat-factor the humble hot drink has had a 2020 reboot... Prepare your mugs for whipped hot chocolate.

What is whipped hot chocolate?

Remember the whipped coffee, or dalgona coffee, trend that took over TikTok right at the beginning of lockdown?

Well, now coffee-phobes can get in on the foamy action just in time to hunker down as the mercury drops.

A quick search on the app of the #whippedhotchocolate hashtag throws up more than 3.4 million views, which shows you just how popular whisking up the chocolatey stuff has become.

Unlike whipped coffee, this frothy treat doesn’t contain caffeine, which makes it suitable for the children who have been coveting our whipped drinks for months.

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How do you make whipped hot chocolate?

While the recipe varies slightly depending on which TikTok user is making it, Delish has simplified the process to include cocoa mix, heavy cream (double or whipping cream) and sugar.

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The method is similar to that of whipped coffee, which combines equal parts instant coffee, water and sugar – just swap the coffee for cocoa powder, and the water for cream.

Once the mixture is whipped to perfection, you can scoop it on top of hot milk for a truly Instagrammable hot drink.

But should the sunshine make a reappearance, you can also add the foamy topping to iced milk for a chilled version.

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Other TikTok-ers have played with the recipe further by adding flavoured syrup to the foam mix, such as hazelnut, cinnamon or maple syrup for an added hit of autumnal spice.

Of course, you can always add marshmallows for a classic hot chocolate twist.

Whipped hot chocolate is taking over TikTok. (Getty Images)
Whipped hot chocolate is taking over TikTok. (Getty Images)

Those who want to up the flavour ante could substitute the cocoa to make other whipped delights, such as strawberry or banana milk powders, or by adding Nutella for an extra-chocolatey hit.

For a really grown-up version, why not try adding some booze? Baileys whipped hot chocolate, anyone?

The whipped drink options seem to be limitless right now, and all of a sudden we’re craving those cooler temperatures.

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