Susannah Constantine hasn't washed her hair for over a month, but should we follow suit?

The presenter shared her update on social media. (Getty Images)
The presenter shared her update on social media. (Getty Images)

We’ve seen our fair share of interesting hairstyles during the coronavirus lockdown, and now presenter Susannah Constantine has decided to shun washing her hair altogether.

She shared an update on how her hair is doing after four weeks without washing it, captioning the video “Heading into week 5 of dirty hair.”

The 57-year-old told her fans she’s doing it in the hopes that it will begin to self-clean, but she hasn’t seen any signs of that happening yet.

The presenter also divulged that she’s having to sleep with a towel on her pillow and is still exercising and getting sweaty as she usually would.

The video begun with her brushing out her lusciously thick hair - which looks in pretty good condition for four weeks without a wash.

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Despite appearances, Constantine went on to say that while she doesn’t think it’s at the self-clean stage yet, she’s doesn’t think it looks too bad.

We agree, Susannah.

With many of us struggling with our lockdown hairstyles, it begs the question whether we should all be following suit and letting our hair have a bit of a breather.

As it turns out, it might just be a good idea after all.

Hair influencer, Penny France, is a huge advocate for allowing your hair to self-clean.

“It makes such a difference to your hair’s overall cleanliness and health. I am currently washing every two weeks or so at the moment.” She explains.

The results, we must say, are really very impressive.

Given that many people around the world are unable to leave their homes at the moment, it might be time to put the self-clean theory to the test.

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There are some pretty important rules you have to follow in order to make the most of your break from washing, though - or as Constantine is calling it, Project Self Clean.

“Always double shampoo, condition only the mid-ends of hair, rinse with cool water.” These are France’s three main rules.

“Also, keep touching, playing with, styling, brushing your hair, in between washes to an absolute minimum. When you brush and wash your hair, you activate glands in your scalp that naturally produce oil, triggering oil and grease.” She added.

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Award-winning Hair Expert and Founder and Owner of Edward James Salons, Edward James, says he has seen the benefits of of people not shampooing their hair for any length of time.

“The reality is, if you tend to have very oily hair, it will make your hair look like it needs a good wash. This does tend to improve after days three and four, after the oils have wet themselves through the length of your hair.

“It can be particularly beneficial if your hair needs a break from colouring, or is excessively dry from being in the sun or from central heating dehydration.”

He also suggests that if you colour your hair, now might not be the best time for people to try the self-clean challenge.

“The other important consideration, is if you normally highlight your hair, what can make your roots and regrowth more noticeable is if the roots are getting more oily. At this uncertain time, when getting to a salon is simply not feasible, people may want to continue using shampoo as normal.”