Child left with hilarious lockdown haircut after asking brother for 'old man' hair

George Moore's new haircut will certainly give you a giggle. (SWNS)
George Moore's new haircut will certainly give you a giggle. (SWNS)

It’s safe to say we’ve all questioned exactly what our hair is going to look like after the coronavirus restrictions have been lifted.

Five-year-old George Moore wasn’t prepared to take any risks with his lockdown hairstyle and so decided to ask his (slightly) older brother for some help.

He stole his dad’s clippers and before he could realise they were missing, George had asked his seven-year-old brother to cut a big bald spot on the top of his head.

The pair descended into a fit of giggles which alerted Kevin, their dad, to the situation.

The boy showing off his new haircut. (SWNS)
The boy showing off his new haircut. (SWNS)
It's a strong look. (SWNS)
It's a strong look. (SWNS)

Kevin walked in on the pair mid-cut, where George explained to his confused dad that he had wanted the “old man” haircut since he saw it on You’ve Been Framed.

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It’s safe to say that the coronavirus restrictions have left many children feeling a little disconcerted. So it’s no surprise that Kevin was eager to please his young son.

He decided to finish off the job for him, smoothing the lines to perfect the “old man” style he was going for.

“I'd left my clippers on charge upstairs and the boys obviously found them.

“They both came down and they were laughing so much. I looked over and saw this massive bald patch on top of George's head.” Kevin said.

His partner, Rebekah, had to go to work, which left Kevin with his son begging him for the hairstyle he truly wanted - and, had already started.

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“I didn't know what he meant but You've Been Framed was on the TV at the time and he pointed at an elderly gentleman on there with thinned hair on top and said he wanted that.

“I found it so funny but that's what he wanted so I did the rest of his head for him with the clippers like he wanted and the result has just been brilliant.

“Neither of us can stop laughing and we FaceTimed his mum at work and she was just crying with laughter on the phone.

“George loves it, exactly what he was after and he's dead chuffed.”

With school closed for the time being, now seems like the perfect time to try out a new hairstyle you were too scared to try before the self-isolation begun.

If it doesn’t work out (like George’s so clearly did) you can always grow it back before you have to leave the house again.

It’s a win-win.