Stacey Solomon praised for relatable post revealing her post-birth baby bump

Stock picture of Stacey Solomon who has been praised by fans for sharing the realities of her post-baby body. (Getty Images)
Stacey Solomon has been praised by fans for sharing the realities of her post-baby body. (Getty Images)

Stacey Solomon has been praised by fans for sharing a relatable post about the realities of life with a newborn, alongside an image of her post-birth baby bump.

The Sort Your Life Out presenter announced the birth of her daughter, Belle, who she shares with her husband Joe Swash, 41, earlier this month and over the weekend gave a postpartum update on how she's adjusting to being a mother of five.

Sharing a collection of sweet mother/daughter photos to Instagram, Solomon, 33, wore a pair of soft grey, jersey pyjamas as she cradled her newborn on top of her post-pregnancy baby bump.

"Snuggle Saturdays with Belle. The last time I stood here and took a picture you were inside my tummy ready to come out," the star wrote in the accompanying caption.

"The pjs have been washed but I can’t say the same about my hair I love that I still have our bump too.

"The best memory of growing you and the perfect little ledge to sleep you on. Happy Saturday everyone. Lots of love from us. P.S I’m as tired as I look."

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Solomon, who is also a mum to Zachary, 14, and Leighton, 10, from a previous relationships, and Rex, three, and 15-month-old Rose, who she shares with Swash, was quickly praised by fans for highlighting the realities of post-baby bodies and normalising the existence of an after-birth bump.

"When I had my baby, no one had told me, and certainly no TV or film had showed me, that you still have a bump afterwards!!!" one user wrote. "Thank you for being such a viable and beautiful role-model!"

"Beautiful. Love that you not afraid to show mums have a bump after birth too," another shared.

"Thanks for posting this with your bump still," a third user added. "I'm 10 days postpartum and have mine too so seeing I'm not alone is reassuring."

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Stock picture of Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash. (Getty Images)
Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash have recently welcomed another baby together. (Getty Images)

Others thanked the star for her body positive message to new mums.

"Love that you are proud of your body! It is incredible what our body can do," one user wrote.

"Love that you keep it real for all the mums who don’t bounce back," another agreed.

"Thank you thank you thank you for normalising postpartum bodies! Those bumps last!! You look incredible," yet another fan added.

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It isn't the first time the presenter has been thanked for highlighting the realities of birth and new parenthood.

Back in 2019 she was applauded for sharing a natural post-birth image of her holding her baby son, Rex, complete with a blood stained night shirt and towels.

Sharing the happy news of Rex's arrival the Loose Women panellist posted an image showing her resting after giving birth, with the newborn snuggling on her chest.

While there is blood on the baby’s towel, it can also be seen on the baby’s head and Solomon’s night gown. Fans were quick to thank the star for revealing such a realistic portrayal of birth and the moments afterwards.

“So raw and real. Powerful is so the right word to describe this, this picture has given me goosebumps, amazing,” one user commented.

“Don’t get much more real than this does it. Perfect,” agreed another.

“This is what a new mum looks like, so so so amazing,” yet another fan wrote.

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Stock picture of Millie Mackintosh who has previously has spoken out about the pressures on women to 'bounce back' after birth. (Getty Images)
Millie Mackintosh previously spoke out about the pressures on women to 'bounce back' after birth, pictured in April 2019. (Getty Images)

Solomon isn’t the only star who has been praised for depicting a realistic portrayal of new motherhood.

Back in 2020 Millie Mackintosh received a wave of support after opening up about how she feels about her postpartum body on social media.

The former Made In Chelsea star said it would be a “lie” if she said she felt happy with her post-pregnancy body and that comments she has received online have made things harder.

Alongside the relatable caption, she shared a photo of herself in underwear holding her then nine-week-old daughter, Sienna.

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Mackintosh, who’s married to former co-star, Hugo Taylor, and has another daughter Aurelia, said she had “no intention of rushing to get her body back”.

“Fitting into my pre pregnancy clothes seems a long way off and I have no intention of rushing into ‘getting my body back’ but it would be a lie if I said I feel totally happy and at one with my body post pregnancy.

“The process has been made a lot harder by some overly strong and hurtful comments online about my appearance (as much as you try and ignore them).

“I’m in awe of what my body has achieved over the last year but I find it hard not seeing the girl I know to be me looking back at me in the mirror."

Mackintosh said that she looks back at her post-pregnancy body fondly, even though she would have previously been critical of her looks, but added: “Sienna is worth every extra inch, pound and stretch mark.

“My body made me a Mother and for that I'll always be grateful.”