Stacey Solomon joins Molly-Mae Hague in choosing Disney-inspired baby name

Stacey Solomon has revealed the baby name she's given her newborn daughter and it's super-cute.

The Sort Your Life Out presenter announced the birth of her fifth child over the weekend, but hadn't yet shared the baby's name until now.

While she hinted that her and husband Joe Swash had a name in mind they wanted to wait to make sure it suited their daughter.

"We know who she is now," she wrote on Instagram stories before making the name reveal.

Sharing sweet snapshots of her newborn daughter sleeping to Instagram, Solomon revealed that she and Swash, 41, have called their baby girl 'Belle'.

"Belle. Our little Belle. Our beautiful, delicate baby girl. Who will forever remind us of the bluebells that are about to bloom as you bring the spring with you into the world... And a little special connection to your Rose To the moon and back Belle [sic]. Forever and always," she wrote in the accompanying caption.

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While the name has a floral connection, reminding the couple of Spring-time bluebells, Belle is also the name of the Disney princess from Beauty And The Beast.

And there's a link in the film that means the newborn will share a special connection to her big sister Rose.

Disney princess Belle is linked to roses because in the story an enchanted red flower symbolises the curse placed on the Beast.

The Beast kept the rose in a glass bell jar and watched the petals wilting and falling off while he tried to find true love.

At the end of the story, the Beast is returned to his form as a Prince as he finds true love with Belle.

According to Baby Centre UK Belle, which derives from the French word, meaning "beautiful", is also the heroine of the french fairytale La Belle et la Bete.

Stock picture of Stacey Solomon who has recently welcomed her fifth child, a daughter named Belle. (Getty Images)
Stacey Solomon has welcomed her fifth child, a daughter named Belle. (Getty Images)

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Solomon, who is also a mum to Zachary, 14, and Leighton, 10, from previous relationships, and Rex, three, and 15-month-old Rose, who she shares with Swash, isn't the only celebrity to opt for the name Belle, with Holly Willoughby also choosing the moniker for her own daughter, who is now 11.

Back in 2019, during a trip to Disneyland Paris, the This Morning presenter revealed the inspiration behind the naming of her second-born child.

When asked which Disney character she most identifies with, Willoughby explained: "I'm going to have to choose Belle because I think she's got real 'girl power' and my daughter’s called Belle.

"I named my daughter after my favourite Disney princess. I think that sort of says it all," she added.

Solomon and Willoughby aren't the only celebrities to have given their children Disney-inspired names, after Molly-Mae Hague revealed she has chosen the moniker Bambi, for her first born.

Hague and her partner, Tommy Fury, who met on Love Island, welcomed their first child, a daughter, last month and shared the happy news of the new arrival on social media.

While initially keeping the newborn's moniker under wraps, the new parents eventually posted a photo of their baby girl laying in her nursery with her name, Bambi, lit up in white neon on the wall.

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Molly-Mae Hague pictured with her boyfriend Tommy Fury in January 2021. (Getty Images)
Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury also chose a Disney-inspired name for their daughter Bambi. (Getty Images)

For most of us, the name Bambi will forever be associated with the tearjerking 1942 Disney film following the adventures of a little deer who loses his mother, but there are some alternative meanings to the name.

In Italian, it comes from the words 'bambino' and 'bambina' which mean 'baby boy' and 'baby girl' respectively.

However, Bambi translates to 'night rain' in Korean and can also mean 'pink' in Arabic.

But the name did prove quite divisive on social media

While some fans did predict the name could surge in popularity thanks to Hague's choice, at the moment the moniker is quite rare.

According to, the name is ranked 4634th out of a possible 5581 with just four recorded births last year.