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  • Stacey Solomon fans are convinced the star has given birth: 'So excited'

    The Loose Women star is expecting her fifth child.

  • Stacey Solomon shares simple bathroom tip to get rid of shower mould

    The tip appeared on the latest episode of BBC’s Sort Your Life Out.

  • Stacey Solomon recalls feeling 'sick' seeing her kids open presents: 'There wasn't a reaction'

    The TV star is expecting to welcome her fifth child any day now.

  • Stacey Solomon: Pregnancy was a ‘surprise’ and fifth child will arrive ‘very soon'

    The Loose Women star is expecting her fifth child, and third with husband Joe Swash.

  • Stacey Solomon's teeth turned ‘black and yellow’ and fell out during pregnancy

    Can pregnancy cause tooth loss? Plus, a dentist shares advice on how to look after your oral health when you're expecting a baby.

  • Stacey Solomon opens up about learning to love her 'extra skin' after weight loss

    'I’ve lost weight recently for some reason and I didn’t lose my skin with it.'

  • Celebs reveal their favourite cleaning products for lockdown spring cleaning

    It seems cleaning has become an A-list pastime during the lockdown.

  • Stacey Solomon praised for sharing 'natural' post-baby bikini photo

    “BL**DY LOVE THIS normal body and rocking it."

  • Stacey Solomon says 'guitar string' stretch marks on chest help baby Rex get to sleep in adorable Instagram post

    The Loose Women star has been praised for her openness about the realities of motherhood since giving birth to her son in May.

  • Breastfeeding: Is it safe to nurse your baby if your nipples are bleeding?

    "It’s so nice to uncurl my toes, not be fighting with shields or trying to soothe my bleeding nipples."

  • Stacey Solomon opens up about her fears over leaving the house with her new baby and mums can relate

    “I don’t know why I feel so weird about leaving the house. I just have these weird thoughts."

  • Stacey Solomon gets real about breastfeeding struggle and 'Pepperami nipples'

    “I just thought for anyone out there struggling or who struggled to breastfeed that it’s perfectly OK, there’s nothing wrong with you, and you’re doing amazingly."

  • Stacey Solomon praised for 'raw and real' post-birth post complete with blood stains

    “Love how this picture is so real, how labour really looks."

  • 'Loose Women' presenter admits to showering just twice a week

    Viewers have called her "disgusting".

  • Stacey Solomon reveals her belly is 'covered in fur' - but why do pregnant women get hair on their baby bump?

    A lot of physical changes happen to a woman’s body when she’s pregnant – and Stacey Solomon has just added to that list. Stacey – who announced she was pregnant with boyfriend Joe Swash’s baby in February – asked her 1.4m followers for their insight. “I’m not sure if you can see it but all of the grainy little lines are blonde hairs that I’ve never had before and now I’ve now started sprouting some lovely thick, wirey black ones around my belly button.”

  • Stacey Solomon almost unrecognisable in fantastic makeup free selfie

    Proving to be one of our favourite stars on Instagram yet again, Stacey Solomon has shared a liberating makeup free selfie - and fans can totally relate to her lazy Saturday look. The Loose Women panellist uploaded the picture along with the caption: "The struggle is real today... No one washes on a Saturday do they? Not even going to to peel away the flapping lashes that are barely stuck to my eyes. "Not today" is my motto for now.Hope you’'e all having a more productive Saturday." Stacey's followers loved the post, with one writing: "Spent the whole day in bed - no washing or teeth brushing. Just playing scrabble in pjs with partner. Perfect. nottoday." Another said: "Wish I looked like that first thing in the morning," while a third added: "You're so down to earth it’s brilliant x."READ: Dancing on Ice relationships - breakups, dates, new romances and marriagesStacey - who is pregnant with her third child, with boyfriend Joe Swash - recently opened up to HELLO! about how she stays comfortable throughout pregnancy. "I don't even think about what I'm wearing, this is the third time around. I'll just chuck anything on that fits," she said. "I've been living in my maternity jeans since I had my first, so nothing has really changed." Asked if she would take any maternity-wear tips from Meghan Markle, she replied: "If I could afford to take tips from Meghan Markle's wardrobe, I would! I won't be wearing a Dior gown anytime soon."READ: Lorraine Kelly reveals how her life has changed since moving house – and how she's made it a homeWATCH: Celebrities and their beautiful baby bumpsLoading the player...The 29-year-old made the baby announcement in February, and has since opened up about why she doesn't plan to keep the gender a surprise. Stacey, who has two sons, told This Morning earlier this week: "We are definitely going to find out [the sex of the child], we are too impatient. I like to be prepared."Like this story? Sign up to our newsletter to get other stories like this delivered straight to your inbox.

  • Stacey Solomon reveals her sister took the baby name she 'really wanted'

    The singer-turned-television personality is expecting her third child later this year.

  • Pregnant Stacey Solomon shares biggest worry for her children

    Following her pregnancy announcement last month, Stacey Solomon has opened up about the biggest concern she has for her young children's upbringing. Speaking to HELLO!, the Loose Women star revealed that she worries a lot about her children's safety on the internet. The mum-of-two - who said she is "very excited" about welcoming baby number three later this year - explained: "If it's the summer holidays or the weekend, they are most likely to be indoors playing on computer games and they're online. I think that at the moment, for me, that is one of the biggest worries." She recalled: "I was talking to some of the girls at Loose Women the other day and we were saying that back in the day, we'd meet our friends at the park or go and play down our road and stuff. Parents don't let their kids do that anymore and I don't remember the last time I saw kids playing out or meeting at the park, so they are all just indoors."READ: Louise Redknapp joins younger brother on double dateStacey and her family are SO excited about the new arrivalStacey is currently backing a campaign by O2 and NSPCC which is aiming to raise awareness of online safety by launching a Parents v Kids quiz. The quiz s a game available through the app store designed to be played between parents and children to test who knows more about the internet. Stacey, 29, commented on how much things have changed since having her 11-year-old Zachary. Explaining why she'll have to keep ahead of the game for her six-year-old son Leighton and third child, she continued: "My eldest is 11, so, I've seen technology has changed since when he was born, when there was no social media to now. And he's going into secondary school and we've got all of these things and it's massive. She added: "I can only imagine that with our children, say in ten years time, it's going to be a whole other ballgame with a whole set of new challenges."READ: Dancing on Ice fans react to Wes Nelson crying over ex-girlfriend Megan Barton HansonStacey's biggest online scare came when she was watching a YouTube video with one of her sons. She said: "I was sitting right next to him and all of a sudden he threw the iPad on the floor and just got really distressed. I saw that an advert popped up and it was for an 18 film, quite a scary one and it really scared him. Even though he only saw it for a split second it still definitely affected him and me." The former X-Factor star also revealed that she only lets the boys use the iPad on weekends, adding: "Luckily the boys are at an age where I can say no during the week, only at weekends. So, as a mother I don't have to worry about it in my everyday life, but I still have to be really on top of it, like completely on top of it."Like this story? Sign up to our newsletter to get other stories like this delivered straight to your inbox.

  • Stacey Solomon wows in orange bikini on family holiday in Marbella

    Stacey Solomon is currently letting her hair down on a family holiday in Marbella. And, while she has two young sons, Zachary, five, and Leighton, one, she proved she's still got a figure to-die-for in a bright orange strapless bikini