Stacey Solomon shares simple bathroom tip to get rid of shower mould

A close up image of Stacey Solomon. (Getty Images)
Stacey Solomon has shared a simple trick for keeping mould out of your shower. (Getty Images)

Stacey Solomon may be just about to have her fifth child, but she’s still giving us some stellar cleaning advice.

The TV personality is back on our screens with a new season of BBC’s Sort Your Life Out, which sees her visit cluttered homes around the UK and, along with a team, seek to clean up the space.

On last night’s episode, the 33-year-old visited the home of Dan and Char and gave viewers a tip on how to keep showers in bathrooms mould-free.

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When transforming the home, Solomon and her team replaced a regular shower curtain with a glass panel instead, which she said was “less likely” to attract mould and mildew.

Showing the couple the bathroom, Solomon said: “The bathroom was jam-packed and run down. With a lick of paint, some serious cleaning and a touch of bespoke carpentry, the bathroom has been given a new lease of life.”

Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon (Getty Images)
Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon are expecting their third child together. (Getty Images)

She revealed that the team had made changes to the bathroom, including a new holder for the family’s towels – which was made from a wine rack that Solomon had repurposed.

“There's also another wine rack on the windowsill to hold your toilet rolls,” she added.

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At the beginning of the episode, Solomon asked the couple to lay out all the items they owned so they could go through what they wanted to keep.

As it turned out, Dan and Char owned 437 DVDs, 1,011 toys, and 59 hairbrushes.

After announcing her fifth pregnancy in December, Solomon later said in early January that it was a “surprise” and that the baby would be arriving “very soon”.

“Nearly there now, very soon,” Solomon said on Lorraine earlier this month. “It was a surprise but we're so grateful that we get the chance to do it again.”

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This will be the third child for Solomon and her husband Joe Swash, as the pair are already parents to three-year-old son Rex and 14-month-old daughter Rose.

Solomon has two older sons from a previous relationship, Leighton, 10, and Zachary, 14, while Swash also has a son from a previous relationship, Harry, 15.

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