Stacey Solomon hasn't washed her hair nearly two weeks after giving birth

A close up image of Stacey Solomon laughing. (Getty Images)
Stacey Solomon says she hasn't washed her hair since giving birth to Belle. (Getty Images)

Stacey Solomon has revealed that she hasn’t washed her hair since giving birth to her daughter Belle nearly two weeks ago.

The Loose Women star and her husband, Joe Swash, welcomed their third child together on 11 February, and Solomon shared an update on her Instagram Story on Tuesday evening (21 February).

Solomon said that it was the first day all of the kids had gone back to school and that Belle was wide awake for the first time likely because the house was “so quiet”.

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Along with Rex, three, and Rose, one, who she shares with Swash, Solomon is also mum to 10-year-old Leighton and 14-year-old Zach. Swash also has a 15-year-old son called Harry.

Speaking of her appearance in the video, Solomon said: “I don’t usually look like this but it’s my dad’s birthday so I’ve tried to make an effort to go to dinner.

“By an effort I mean I’ve put some foundation on and a bow in my hair in the hope that no one will notice that I still haven’t washed it since I’ve given birth.”

Off camera viewers then heard Swash say light-heartedly: “No, I’ve definitely noticed.”

“It’s very greasy but I don’t have the energy to stand there,” Solomon added.

Stacey Solomon shared a video of her speaking to camera (left) and of her father with her daughters (right) on Tuesday night. (Instagram/@staceysolomon)
Stacey Solomon shared a video of her speaking to camera (left) and of her father with her daughters (right) on Tuesday night. (Instagram/@staceysolomon)

The 33-year-old later posted an image of her father holding Rose which also showed Belle on Solomon’s lap.

“There’s no one else I’d take my greasy-haired self out of the house for just after childbirth but you,” Solomon wrote in overlaying text on the story.

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“You do so much for us, we couldn’t do life without you … you’re the best father and grandfather we could ever wish for and we are so so grateful to have you in our lives.”

Solomon also posted a cute picture of newborn Belle to her Instagram page. The image sees Belle on Solomon’s lap wearing a pink bodysuit and looking up at her mum.

“The most special two weeks of you Belle…” Solomon captioned the post. “Today all the boys went back to school and Belle had lots of awake time. I think she was wondering where all the noise and craziness had gone.

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“I felt like I got some time to properly see her and talk to her today. I love these days when they start to open their eyes more and really look around and begin to show you little bits of who they are and the adventures to come.”

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