Someone’s Finally Invented A Machine That Stop Avocados Going Brown


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When you eat a perfectly ripe avocado, it’s the epitome of delicious, wholesome food. Only trouble is that this moment of freshness is all-too brief before it goes a brown colour.

So now is a time for avocado lovers to rejoice, for someone has invented a machine that stops them going gross.

And nope - it doesn’t involve using any chemicals.

Australia-based company Naturo Technologies has invented the ‘Natavo Zero’, which it claims gives avocados a minimum of 10 days refrigerated shelf life even after they’ve been opened.


[Photo: Imgur/melissasproduce]

The machine’s agricultural engineer Jeff Hastings told Mashable Australia that the technology works by “turning off” the enzyme in the fruit which causes it to turn brown when exposed to oxygen.

In order to do this, one must put open avocados into the conveyor belt of the Avocado Time Machine (yep, it’s actually called that), where it’s treated for five to six minutes.

The company claims these fruit will remain fresh for 10 days after this process.


[Photo: Flickr/arsheffield]

As you may have guessed, Hastings did leave a bit of essential information out of this explanation; the actual mechanism which stops the enzyme in the fruit, as it’s their intellectual property, but explained that the machine uses a mixture of temperature, pressure, steam and time to do so.

The only bad news is that the machines are geared towards large-scale food providers. Though he did say that “it’s not impossible for us to develop a consumer scale product in future”.

Fingers crossed.

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