This Is How Your Morning Latte Is Ruining The Environment


Not as green as you though [Picture:Getty]

That cheeky takeaway coffee each morning is a guilty pleasure so many of us indulge.

Yes, we all know our bank balances would thank us if we resisted the lure of the latte, but it turns out there’s also a much more serious consequence of a daily Starbucks run.

Contrary to what most of us think, cardboard coffee cups aren’t actually recyclable. And considering we get through seven million of them every single day in the UK, that’s a huge amount of litter going to landfill.

Even if we’re all diligently deposit our cups in the recycling bin, it isn’t doing a bit of good.


[Picture: Pexels]

And it’s all down to the way companies make their cups waterproof. To do it, they use a type of cardboard fused with polyethylene, which can’t then be separated by almost all recycling plants.

But because there are two places in the UK that can carry out the tricky and expensive process, it’s not illegal for firms to claim that their cups are recyclable.

So what should we be doing to make a caffeine habit greener?

Instead of ditching the flat whites altogether, just invest in a reusable coffee cup. It’ could even save you cash in the long run – Starbucks will give you 50p off your order if you bring your own flask.


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