You can buy a t-shirt which gives the illusion of abs just in time for summer

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
Who needs to hit the gym this summer when there's a t-shirt that'll give you abs? [Photo: EkoD Works]

There’s no need to squeeze endless gym sessions in before your summer getaway, as a newly-launched t-shirt is here to solve all of your worries.

Online retailer EkoD Works is selling a semi-sheer t-shirt designed to give the illusion of a toned stomach without you having to so much as break into a sweat.

Described as a ‘t-shirt with faint muscles’, the white top is made from an opaque cotton with strategic grey shading to give the effect of chiselled abs.

Priced at just ¥3,888 (approximately £28), you can use the money refunded from your next spin class to bag yourself one just in time for your next holiday.

Forget working out just bag yourself one of these ab-boasting t-shirts [Photo: EkoD Works]

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But the brand hasn’t forgotten its female customers, as a women’s version is also up for grabs.

A woman's version of the top gives the illusion of a lace bra beneath [Photo: EkoD Works]

This time, the t-shirt - also priced at £28 - gives the illusion of a lace bra sitting beneath the top.

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If that isn’t enough to secure the deal, another t-shirt available on the site which has been manufactured to look as though it’s been drenched in water.

Perhaps you fancy creating the illusion of a wet t-shirt? [Photo: EkoD Works]]

Secretly interested? You’ll need to pre-order, as the items are selling fast.

Due to the extraordinary design it’s recommended that your wash all tops by hand, as the website warns that the eight pack-effect print is extremely delicate and could be accidentally removed in the washing machine.

So next time you’re prepping for a mini break, don’t forget to pack your abs.

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