Skimpy 'lucky cat' bra sold on ASOS called 'horrifying' and 'uncomfortable'

The ASOS cat bra proved a polarising look. [Photo: ASOS]
The ASOS cat bra proved a polarising look. [Photo: ASOS]

A ‘lucky cat’ bra sold on ASOS is proving to be a source of hilarity for Internet users.

The £30 bra closely resembles a common Japanese figurine known as a maneki-neko or “waving cat”.

However, in this design, the cat appears to be extending its middle finger rather than waving.

The user behind @asbos_sos, an Instagram account which pokes fun at select ASOS items, ridiculed the design.

They hashtagged “#notactuallyabra” and “#notactuallyanything”.

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In the comments section below, the “very, very uncomfortable” bra was met with some hilarious responses.

One person dubbed it the “Hello Titty” bra, while another quipped, “The iddy biddy kitty committee”.

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Someone else deemed the design: “Horrifying yet cute in equal measures”, and another remarked simply: “What on earth”.

However, the response wasn’t all bad.

One person wrote: “Ok I actually love this one”, and another said, “I would actually wear this.”

The top has already sold out in a size 8 on the ASOS website – suggesting there has been a lot of interest in the design.

“The search is over for your new festival attire – GoGuy has just landed onsite,” the description on the ASOS page reads.

“Starting off as a one-woman feat. sewing machine show, the brand hasn’t stopped growing since its beginnings in 2016.”

GoGuy, who designed a British fashion label founded by 24-year-old designer and Events Management graduate, Sophie Guy.

The designs are all “handmade and designed in house”, according to the brand’s website.

This isn’t the first polarising design to be listed on ASOS.

Last month, the retailer was mocked for a £68 ‘bubble wrap dress’ which tapped into the near-naked trend.

Shoppers were left similarly cold by a completely see-through plastic bag listed for £15 on the website.