'Vintage' DHL uniforms are being sold online for £20

The DHL T-shirt has been mocked on the internet. [Photo: ASOS Marketplace]
The DHL T-shirt has been mocked on the internet. [Photo: ASOS Marketplace]

An ASOS Marketplace seller has been mocked online for selling 'vintage' DHL uniforms for around £20.

The seller, from Zeden, has dozens of listings on the retail giant’s marketplace, the section of the retail clothing giant that allows third parties to sell and exchange clothes.

But it is one particular listing that has caught the attention of the Internet.

It’s a page for a 'vintage' t-shirt claiming to be from the 1990s, for £18, and another at £20 for the 'original.'

As reported by the Daily Mail, the seller describes the courier company's uniform as a “90s cotton t-shirt”, adding that it's “crafted with good quality materials and is a truly vintage piece.”

The DHL T-shirt has been mocked on the internet. [Photo: ASOS Marketplace]
The original listing for the DHL T-shirt. [Photo: ASOS Marketplace]

The more expensive version is said to be an “original DHL t-shirt.”

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The unusual listing first came to the attention of the Internet after an image of the items were uploaded to Reddit.

“£18 to look like a DHL delivery driver? ASOS Marketplace baffles me sometimes,” the original poster wrote alongside the image.

And others were quick to express their own bemusement about the listing.

“Why anyone would want to pay that much money to dress like a 10 year old is beyond me,” one user joked.

“I would not want to be caught dead wearing that,” another commented.

“2018 wants its DHL fashion back,” another quipped.

But while most of the comments were mocking the listing, one user pointed out a designer collaboration with DHL sold-out in 2018.

“Have you ever heard of the clothing brand Vetements?” they wrote.

“Their DHL shirts retail at like £500 easy. Not saying I don't think it's nuts. It's just that £18 to look almost the same is cheap. That's why people will pay it.”

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And others were quick to respond to that.

“My dad closed a CityLink warehouse when the company went down a few years back, he got me a jacket from there. Looks like I'm about to become stylish,” another user joked.

While another replied: “Life Pro Tip: Save yourself £500 on DHL t-shirts by getting a job at DHL and being paid to wear them.”

It isn’t the first time people have taken inspiration from every day retail companies. Remember the tote that looked curiously similar to Ikea’s 40p take-home Frakta bag?

The Balenciaga creation also sparked plenty of laughter and tongue-in-cheek comments, thanks to its £1,125 take on the 40p bag.

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