Queen Camilla shares first 'grown up' book she ever read - and one character she 'yearned to be'

Queen Camilla views books during her visit to the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford
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Queen Camilla has opened up about her literary passions in the latest episode of her hit podcast 'The Queen's Reading Room', which has returned for a much-anticipated second series. The podcast, which was a chart-topper at its debut last year, offers an intimate glimpse into the reading world of the Queen Consort.

In the first episode of the new season, listeners were treated to a discussion between podcast host Vicki Perrin and renowned fantasy writer Neil Gaiman. But it was Queen Camilla's pre-recorded message that truly captivated the audience as she reminisced about the first adult book she ever read, 'Angelique' by Anne Golon, which tells the tale of a stunning French heroine embarking on wild escapades, including a stint at the court of Louis XIV.

Cosied up next to a crackling fire, Camilla shared with her listeners: "I can remember a book called Angelique, which was written by a woman called Anne Golon. It was about this beautiful French woman that goes on a series of completely mad adventure and in one she ended up in the court of the Sun King, Louis XIV."

Reflecting on her younger years, the Queen added: "I must've been about eleven or twelve and it was incredibly exciting! ".

But what really struck a chord with the listeners was when Camilla divulged how, as a young girl, she had longed to mirror the novel's protagonist, Angelique, reports the Mirror.

She confessed: "We all wanted to look like her, she was beautiful with these green eyes and long golden hair. We all yearned to be Angelique. I think they're still going now, but it was the first sort of grown up read I took in."

The Angelique series, penned by Anne Golon between 1957 and 1985, is a collection of thirteen historical romance novels that have sold over 150 million copies globally, captivating audiences just as they once enchanted a young Camilla.

French writer Anne Golon, author of Angelique, Marquise of the Angels in Lausanne, Switzerland
French writer Anne Golon, author of Angelique, Marquise of the Angels in Lausanne, Switzerland

Not only have these books been enjoyed in their original form, but they've also been transformed into six feature films, seven theatre projections, and even two manga series!

While the protagonist, Angelique Sance de Monteloup, is a work of fiction, many fans have speculated that she was inspired by real-life courtesan Suzanne du Plessis-Belliere. Known as one of France's most famous women in the 17th century, Suzanne was married to Jacques de Rouge, a French General and the marquis du Plessis-Belliere.