Mum-to-be left disappointed after baby's gender was accidentally revealed at her baby scan

A mum has been left disappointed after believing the sex of her baby was accidentally revealed at her baby scan [Photo: Getty]
A mum has been left disappointed after believing the sex of her baby was accidentally revealed at her baby scan [Photo: Getty]

A mum-to-be has turned to the Internet to express her devastation after believing the gender of her unborn baby was accidentally revealed at her 20-week scan.

Taking to parenting site Netmums, the expectant mother revealed that she and her husband had wanted to keep the sex of the baby a surprise and clearly stated at the start of the appointment that they didn’t want to know the gender.

However, at the end of the scan, the screen changed and before the sonographer had a chance to turn the screen, she noticed a box in the top right corner of the screen that stated SEX: FEMALE.

The mum-to-be added that when the sonographer saw her looking she quickly turned the screen away.

“I am just devastated to have possibly found out our baby’s gender like this,” the woman added. “Especially as this is our last child and we already have two amazing little girls who we adore and we’re secretly hoping for a boy.”

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The poster goes on to point out that though she knows she should be delighted to have had a healthy scan, she can't help feeling desperately low that she's found out the gender of her baby in this way, especially as her husband is still unaware.

In the comments section people were quick to offer their opinions on the thorny subject.

Some mums sympathised with the poster that it was an upsetting way to find out if she had wanted it to remain a secret.

“If the [original poster] said she didn’t want to know the gender and felt that it had been let slip then she’s every right to be disappointed,” one user commented.

“In a way, I'd see it as a blessing in disguise,” another poster wrote. “You have another healthy child on the way. Also now you're pretty sure it's a girl, can stop getting your hopes up for a boy, then feeling guilty if you're a bit disappointed at the birth.”

Some couples prefer to keep the gender of their baby a surprise [Photo: Getty]
Some couples prefer to keep the gender of their baby a surprise [Photo: Getty]

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Others thought that knowing she is having a healthy baby is what's important, and she should be happy whatever the gender.

“I don’t know why people are so hung up on gender and gender reveals etc,” one woman wrote. “I found out when my daughter was born after us both nearly dying and a c section the nurse said I’ll have her with you in a minute. That’s it but at least we are both healthy.”

“Sorry, but wow if this is the only stress you’ve had during the pregnancy I would count yourself lucky,” another added. “I would not care what sex the baby was, just so long as it was healthy. You get what you have made and that’s that.”

Many posters also pointed out that the scan might not actually have revealed the sex of her baby, but in fact could have been referring to her own gender.

“I had the exact same thing happen with my youngest, I saw Female and was gutted to have found out, so I went back in and challenged the sonographer (politely) who assured me that it was my gender and not the baby’s, as they scan men for non-maternity related issues (obvs) so they have to specify what gender the patient is,” one mum shared.

“It’s your details I had the same from my scan today and they confirmed I’m definitely having a boy,” another user commented.

The topic of baby gender reveals has been making headlines of late. Earlier this year a press release email about an Italian’s restaurant’s “gender reveal lasagne” went viral on social media.

The catering option is meant for a gender reveal party, a concept whereby parents tell their friends the sex of their baby.

This can also be done by cutting a cake which is coloured inside, or by bursting a balloon full of coloured confetti. The colours pink (for a girl) and blue (for a boy) are generally used.

In proof that anything really does go when finding an out-there way to reveal the sex of an unborn baby, last month the Internet was amazed when Amazon dropped the perfect gender reveal party prop; a Game of Thrones inspired egg that changes colour to denote the gender of your offspring.

The handmade eggs turn blue, pink or rainbow coloured when heated and you can get your hands on one for £34 each.