The perfect gender reveal for Game of Thrones fans

The eggs change to be blue or pink to denote the gender at your reveal party. [Photo: Amazon]
The eggs change to be blue or pink to denote the gender at your reveal party. [Photo: Amazon]

If winter is coming at the same time as your baby, then Amazon has just dropped the perfect gender reveal party prop.

Spoiler alert. It’s a Game of Thrones inspired egg that changes colour to denote the gender of your offspring.

The handmade eggs turn blue, pink or rainbow coloured when heated and you can get your hands on one for £34 each.

Parents can use a hair-dryer, the sunlight, warm water or the temperature of their hands to warm up the egg and reveal its colour.

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I know what you’re thinking. How will our hands get hot enough? When you’re dressed head-to-toe in Game Of Thrones attire, cradling an egg like you’re Daenerys Targaryen, things will get toasty.

Or, so I’ve heard.

The best news? These eggs can be reused, so you can pass them onto the rest of your Kingdom.

If you would like to keep it for subsequent children or to encourage your friends to follow in your GOTGR (Game of Thrones gender reveal, obviously) party footsteps, the egg must be kept in the fridge.

Just don’t mistake it for a leftover Easter egg.

The product description describes every egg as “unique”, just like the ones in nature. The four-inch egg has around 400 scales lining it.

It also has an accent colour to give it an almost faberge egg look, if you’re into that.

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If you’re not expecting a child, but would like an egg to join you during your Game of Thrones marathon (every episode is an emotional marathon), they also come in red and orange.

It’s not the first time expectant parents have been inventive with their gender reveal parties. A gender reveal lasagne caused a stir at the beginning of the year, too.

The question is; what’s next? The other question is; how many dragon eggs is too many dragon eggs?

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