People are going crazy over a gender reveal lasagne - complete with pink or blue cheese

This gender reveal lasagne certainly isn’t for everyone. [Photo: Villa Italian Kitchen]
This gender reveal lasagne certainly isn’t for everyone. [Photo: Villa Italian Kitchen]

A press release email about an Italian’s restaurant’s “gender reveal lasagne” has gone viral on social media.

The world’s first ever gender reveal “lasagna” – as it is spelt in the States – is offered by US restaurant chain Villa Italian Kitchen.

The catering option is meant for a gender reveal party, a concept whereby parents tell their friends the sex of their baby.

This can also be done by cutting a cake which is coloured inside, or by bursting a balloon full of coloured confetti. The colours pink (for a girl) and blue (for a boy) are generally used.

It contains pink or blue cheese (depending on what gender baby you are having) and comes with in a $139 (£107) catering package deal together with Greek or Caesar salad garlic rolls, which serves 12, according to Today.

Journalists and food writers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the new foodie offering for expectant parents.

To put it lightly, it divided opinion on the platform.

Some people applauded the concept, calling it a brilliant PR move.

For a select number of users, the idea of a gender reveal lasagne – instead of the more traditional cake – certainly appealed.

Others were less than convinced by the notion, calling it “gross”, while some took issue with the idea of gender reveals altogether.

While a gender reveal party is a lighthearted way to announce an unborn baby’s sex to the world, the lesser-said truth is many parents experience “gender disappointment“.

One survey revealed a quarter of mums in the UK feel “disappointed” is their child is the “wrong” gender – which means not the boy or girl they wanted.

In other news, a soon-to-be grandma’s rude reaction to finding out her daughter was having a baby girl went viral on Twitter.

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