A pop-up 'mental wellbeing' restaurant is coming to London

It encourages people to make new friends while eating. [Photo: Getty]
It encourages people to make new friends while eating. [Photo: Getty]

There’s a new dining experience in town and this one aims to help Londoners with their mental wellbeing.

The restaurant known as The Good Plates will be be popping up in Shoreditch for two days at the end of January.

The restaurant has communal seating aimed to encourage Londoners to make new friends.

It’s an idea that’s fairly commonplace in the US, but it hasn’t caught on in the UK yet.

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As far as The Good Plates goes, it’s not just the food that has a mindfulness slant to it.

This pop-up has everything covered from the lighting to the interior, all with the healthy dose of self-care we need this time of year.

The food - which is arguably the most important part when you go out to eat somewhere - is all about enhancing your mood.

Think salmon, wild mushrooms and blueberries.

Diners will also get the chance to try something new, too, with lesser known ingredients like seaweed butter and sunflower seed purée gracing the menu.

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The food on offer’s main aim is to reduce your stress levels.

A recent study found that one in two Londoners only see sunlight for 30 minutes per day in the winter. All the more reason to devour some mood-boosting food.

The mental health focussed menu was created by chef and mental health ambassador Andrew Clarke and nutritional therapist Ian Marber.

The six course sharing menu is £10 each, which includes complimentary non-alcoholic beverages.

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In a bid to combat loneliness, the pop-up has done away with the traditional seating we’ve come to know and love (aka separate tables).

Instead, it has opted for a communal dining experience - think Wagamama.

With one in five men admitting to have no close friends, this type of experience could be just the thing busy Londoners need.

Even the servers have been trained to make you feel relaxed. We feel chilled just thinking about it.

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Perhaps the coolest thing about this pop-up is that all money made from bookings go towards mental health charity, Mind.

Not sure? Perhaps the delicious looking tasting menu will tempt you:

  • Wood roasted monkfish, chickpeas and walnut gremolata

  • Chargrilled venison, spent coffee, blueberries, roast salsify, trompette mushrooms and mint

  • Cauliflower, almond miso, black beluga lentils and curry butter

  • Halibut tranche, seaweed butter, winter tomatoes and white beans

  • Wild mushroom and kale toban, sprouting broccoli, sunflower seed puree, poached egg and black truffle

  • Roast salmon, herb labneh, poached cucumber, beach herbs and salmon roe

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