The world's first cheese conveyor belt has opened in London

This is not a drill. [Photo: Getty]
This is not a drill. [Photo: Getty]

Could we brie anymore excited? No. The answer is no, we could not.

A conveyor belt of cheese has opened as part of the new KERB food market in London’s Seven Dials and we’ve cancelled all of our weekend plans.

The delicious combination of cheese and wine is one we just can’t say no to, and thanks to the new restaurant in Covent Garden, we don’t have to.

The restaurant, Pick And Cheese, comes from the people behind Camden Cheese Bar; our favourite type of bar.

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The cheese specialists have already amassed over 20k followers on Instagram, all of whom love looking at the restaurant’s mouth-watering cheese photos.

As of today, a 40-metre conveyor belt of cheese is open for business in the Seven Dials food market, carrying 25 different types of cheese for our perusal.

It’d be rude not to try every single one, right?

The market-style restaurant features an all-British menu, with selections from farms and urban producers.

If you’re into your decor, you’ll also be delighted to know that every cheese topped plate is handmade, too.

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Each cheese comes with a suitable condiment. Think hazelnut brittle and sherry-infused cherries. Oh, we’re thinking about it, alright.

If you’re a cheese connoisseur looking to deepen your knowledge of local cheeses, you’ll have a field day.

However, if you just fancy tucking into the humble cheese toastie, you can quite literally Pick and Cheese whatever you fancy.

Oh, and the wine menu has been expertly collated to go with the cheeses on offer with a focus on organic, natural wines.

Ever wondered what happens to your body if you eat too much cheese?

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