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  • The drinks most (and least) likely to give you a hangover this Christmas

    Nutritionist Laura Tilt says that they’re “chemicals produced during alcohol fermentation that contribute to hangover symptoms.“Congeners might make the alcohol taste nice, but they make us feel bad, because they are a type of toxin,” she explains. Bourbon is the worst offender for a pounding head. A good rule of thumb is the darker the drink, the harsher the hangover as “dark coloured drinks contain high levels of congeners.” Sadly for fans of a bourbon on the rocks, whisky is especially high in these toxins, including methanol which can linger in the body even after all alcohol has been eliminated.

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    The Christmas party season of 2016 is almost upon us, so no doubt you’re already browsing Asos for sequin-studded playsuits and statement earrings. But sometimes, your hair can be an afterthought despite yuletide being the perfect excuse to go all out. So whether you’re going for fun or sophistication, here are the styles to match those outfits with. Christmas stocking fillers that won’t break the bank Bling on a budget: Jewellery that will make any outfit look haut

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    Having to open the wine bottle and pour the wine into a glass each time you want another. Introducing the Guzzle Buddy, an extra-large wine glass that you can attach directly to your bottle of wine to drink it straight from the source. It’s like a normal wine glass, but instead of having a stem and base, it has a spout to pop into your favourite bottle.

  • 10 Weird And Wonderful Wedding Themes You’ll Either Love Or Hate

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    Summer is just around the corner and that means patio season is upon us! There’s nothing better than relaxing under the sun sipping on a summer cocktail (or two!) I’ve rounded up 5 delicious drinks to get your happy hour started. This refreshing drink is made with Canadian Ungava gin, and a homemade simple citrus syrup that is sure to impress your guests. A Moscow Mule is one of my favourite drinks out there.

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    It's Princess Charlotte's birthday today, when she reaches the grand old age of a year old. As a royal, the usual fuss and palaver that surrounds children on their birthday will be multiplied dramatically. However, almost every little

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    A group of friends were brutally mown down after an impatient driver lost his temper and floored his BMW's accelerator in a busy street in Southampton. The shocking moment was captured on CCTV, and shows the scene as driver Mahibur Rahman

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    Chocolate and cherry sandwiches, booze made from sweet potatoes and gingerbread flavoured everything. Fancy trying any of these Christmas-themed foods? Here’s a rundown of seven unusual seasonal treats you can buy now, inspired by the flavours of the festive season.