Parents 'aren't fit enough' to keep up with their children

Parents are struggling to keep up with their active children this summer holiday. [Photo: Getty]
Parents are struggling to keep up with their active children this summer holiday. [Photo: Getty]

Whether you’re climbing after them during soft play, chasing them through the park or taking them swimming, there’s no doubt that having a child is tiring.

Research has found that more than half of UK parents are worried about how they’ll keep up with the children over the six-week holidays.

This comes after a study found that almost half of UK women aren’t getting enough exercise.

The study, conducted by Argos, discovered that many parents have “fitness anxiety” with 85% of parents believing their children are fitter than them.

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With childhood obesity presenting itself as an ongoing problem, parents are more pressured to keep their children active.

Interestingly, the research also found that 93% of parents wish that they were fitter than they are.

Perhaps this provides them with a unique opportunity to get fitter alongside their children this summer holiday.

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Earlier this year, it was announced that Leeds was the first city in the UK to drop childhood obesity levels.

The city partially credits the drop to its Henry programme. The free programme offers transformative courses and workshops to parents in a bid to set boundaries for their children.

It promotes a tougher stance on everything from healthy eating to bedtime routines.

Part of this programme involves exercising and it suggests a number of activities you can do with your children to keep you all healthier.

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Popular ideas include; playing with a ball, creating an obstacle course out of cardboard boxes, making instruments and dancing along to the music, making a treasure hunt and playing with water.

The ideas are free and are meant to appeal to all parents.

64% of parents said they wanted to set a good example for their children and the programme offers a large number of free ways to ease parents into it.

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