Nigella Lawson reveals the 'magic' £20 oil she uses on her face, hair and hands

Nigella Lawson has revealed the £20 prickly pear oil she uses on her face, hair and hands [Image: Getty]
Nigella Lawson has revealed the £20 prickly pear oil she uses on her face, hair and hands [Image: Getty]

She’s famed for her flawless skin - and now Nigella Lawson has revealed one of the key beauty products she uses to achieve her enviable glow.

The food writer and TV presenter, 59, explained in her The Sunday Times’ Style column today how, while she has tried “numberless creams, oils and unguents over the years”, it’s a bottle of prickly pear oil that stands out.

More specifically, she uses GOW Pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil, £20, which she orders from Victoria Health, on her face, as well as her hair and hands.

“It’s an unprepossessing little bottle, but what it contains is face-saving magic,” the cookery show host wrote.

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“Put it on at night and you’ll wake up looking as if you’ve been to a spa by the sea, slept 10 hours a night and been off Twitter for a month.”

Nigella added: “It’s not just that it moisturises: it seems to heal my skin and make it so much more elastic.”

She explained that after realising the benefits it was having to her complexion, she decided to use it on her “reptilian hands” at night too - and it was able to reverse the effects of failing to regularly wear washing up gloves.

If there’s any excess, she rubs the ends of her hair with it - often negating the need for conditioner in the shower - and likewise dabs it on rough elbows and cuticles.

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Nigella also revealed that to maintain her youthful looks she cleanses make-up off every night with a muslin cloth.

This has an exfoliating effect, she explains, which gets “rid of old, dead skin cells and keep my complexion bright”.

Last year, the star revealed that she now uses washing up gloves that exfoliate your hands at the same time.

Whilst Nigella’s GOW serum is currently only available on pre-order, here are two other choices you can try right now:

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