Nigella Lawson, 58, claims washing up gloves are the key to her youthful appearance

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
Nigella Lawson had admitted she uses washing up gloves to exfoliate. [Photo: Getty]

Nigella Lawson has admitted she uses special washing up gloves to exfoliate her skin.

The 58-year-old television chef and author, dubbed Britain’s ‘Domestic Goddess’, has remarkably age-defying skin.

She revealed the unusual trick behind her glowing complexion at a Q&A in London, according to The Sun, explaining: “I am the sucker who buys things.

“I recently bought some washing up gloves with silicone bits on the palm for scrubbing. I exfoliate with them. I like them.”

For those keen to try Nigella’s trick, a similar pair of gloves can be purchased for just £9.99 on eBay here.

Silicone gloves, like Nigella’s, are available on eBay. [Photo: eBay]

Worst case scenario, if you don’t like using them on your face, they are actually a washing up game-changer thanks to the non-slip palms.

Nigella isn’t the only celebrity with a weird and wonderful anti-ageing trick.

Liz Hurley, 53, recently admitted to moisturising 10 times a day to keep herself looking youthful.

She told Women & Home: “I’ll moisturise my face about six times a day and my neck about 10 times a day.”

Meanwhile, Halle Berry, 52, famously follows the keto diet to maintain her age-defying beauty.

She wrote on her Instagram account: ““Keto is a very low-carb food plan which actually forces your body to burn fat like crazy. I also believe it’s been largely responsible for slowing down my aging process.”

“The keto lifestyle offers so many benefits such as weight loss, (moms that’s how we get rid of our baby bellies), appetite control, more energy and better mental performance.

If you’re like me, you can possibly reverse type 2 diabetes, you’ll experience better physical endurance, better skin and also less acne if that’s an issue.”

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