Mum praised for urging parents to embrace the pictures they would normally delete in relatable Instagram post

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Libby Trickett has been praised for sharing a candid snapshot capturing the reality of parenting [Photos: Getty/Instagram @Libby_trickett]
Libby Trickett has been praised for sharing a candid snapshot capturing the reality of parenting [Photos: Getty/Instagram @Libby_trickett]

A mum has been praised for sharing a post encouraging other parents to embrace the pictures they would normally delete.

Olympic athlete Libby Trickett posted a candid image she would ordinarily have deleted alongside a message urging others to capture the ordinary parenting moments in all their honest glory.

The photograph, shared to Instagram, shows Libby sitting crossed-leg on the bed with her baby daughter, Bronte, lying in her lap as she attempts to do her toddler, Eddie’s hair.

Though the image, captured by her four-year-old, Poppy, gives a real and honest glimpse into mum life the 34-year-old admits she would normally have scrolled past or deleted it.

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“Shot captured by my four year old,” the mum-of-three wrote on Instagram.

“It’s funny, she takes photos like these all the time and more often than not, I scroll and delete because let’s be honest, she’s not all about capturing the flattering angles but this one I looked beyond what I normally hope to see in a ‘nice’ picture of me and the girls and I saw an image that I know I’ll miss in the future.”

She went on to explain that she realises that while it might not be the best picture of her, there aren't “many more days that Bronte will continue to fit in my lap” and it won't be long before her toddler will want to do her own hair.

So now she’s trying to embrace the everyday nature of parenting and enjoy the precious ordinary moments.

“Sure there’s constantly laundry that needs to be folded and someone is generally crying about something and there’s broken bones and snotty noses and new challenges that will come in our future but I know, one day, I will miss these moments and I’m so glad Poppy captured it,” she finishes her post.

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Unsurprisingly Libby’s post was quickly flooded with comments from parents who identified with her refreshing message.

“All the feels - this is my life right now too!! I’m just a couple of weeks behind you,” one user commented.

“I love these candid photos. Definitely keepers,” another agreed.

“Beautiful photo, one day a beautiful memory captured. I would give anything to have these baby days again, they go way too fast,” yet another parent added.

“Embrace the mess, they love you for you the most important person in their lives and will always be.”

“I love this picture so much, wish every parent had photos of them in action, doing the day to day parenting stuff,” another user shared.

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Libby Trickett is married to fellow swimmer Luke Trickett, and the couple have three children together.

Since becoming a parent Libby has been an advocate for speaking out about some of the trickier truths surrounding motherhood and mental health.

She isn’t the only mum who has received praise for keeping it real when it comes to sharing the parenting journey.

Since welcoming baby Rex with boyfriend Joe Swash in May, Stacey Solomon has been sharing an honest account of motherhood with her followers.

Having opened up about her breastfeeding journey, her concerns about leaving the house with a new baby and the stretch marks on her chest, the mum-of-three was also praised by fans for sharing a bikini snapshot revealing her natural post-baby body, while taking her baby swimming for the first time.