Stacey Solomon opens up about her fears over leaving the house with her new baby and mums can relate

Stacey Solomon has revealed she is having 'weird' thoughts about leaving the house with her newborn [Photo: Getty]
Stacey Solomon has revealed she is having 'weird' thoughts about leaving the house with her newborn [Photo: Getty]

Stacey Solomon has been praised by fans for opening up about her worries about leaving the house with her newborn son.

The 29-year-old TV personality recently welcomed her third son, Rex, with boyfriend Joe Swash and has been keeping her fans updated on the highs and lows of new motherhood.

Not only did she share a refreshingly honest post-birth image of her holding her new baby, complete with a blood stained night shirt and towels, but she also got real about her breastfeeding struggles.

In her latest post, the ‘Loose Women’ presenter told her 1.8million Insta followers that she’d been having concerns about leaving the house with her baby son.

Alongside a sweet snapshot of the mum-of-three with her latest arrival strapped into a baby carrier, she revealed she was coming round to the idea of leaving the house despite her “weird” thoughts.

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“Trying this on for size we haven’t ventured out for a walk yet but I’m definitely coming round to the idea!” she wrote in the accompanying caption.

“A change of scenery and putting on clothes that consist of a material that isn’t pyjama is starting to feel appealing.”

The TV presenter went on to say that she was confused about why she has felt so hesitant about going out.

“I don’t know why I feel so weird about leaving the house. I never felt like this with Leighton,” she continued.

“I just have these weird thoughts that someone might see us all vulnerable, or that it might be too dirty outside, or that there might be some kind of air born virus going around outside my front door.

“Haha! Believe me I am totally aware of how crazy that sounds. But hey ho hormones are a crazy thing (I hope it’s that anyway).”

Stacey went on to explain that she was considering trying some apps that connect you with other mums and parents so they can swap stories and advice.

“I need to get myself connected with other like minded mummas in my area. If anyone else is feeling the same and wanting to get out there, you should give it a go!” she wrote.

“I love the thought of surrounding myself with people who are hopefully feeling the same...I’m excited our first adventure into the big wide world, well maybe not world but at least a 1 mile radius of my house #peanutapp.”

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Following her honest admission, other parents were quick to thank the star for discussing some of the more real aspects of new motherhood.

“Thanks for sharing these honest’s so refreshing in these insta-perfect times,” one woman wrote. “Enjoy your time out of the house.”

“Love how totally honest you are about it all - it is so refreshing, because they are real feelings - but we are all too worried to admit it post baby,” another agreed.

“I was so worried to leave the house on my own and walk down the road with my baby in pram,” another mum shared.

“Took a good few months to get myself together and not feel so anxious about it. You’re doing fab and looking fab.”

Other parents offered advice about how they dealt with similar thoughts in the first few weeks after giving birth.

“Just challenge those unhelpful thoughts a little each day,” one user suggested.

“Just pop outside for a couple of minutes to start with and then a little longer each time. It will soon come back.”

“The anxiety is so bad when you've just had a baby, mine can still take its toll and my boys are 3 and 5!” another commented.

“Go outside, get some air, make friends (mums apps can be great) and you'll feel so much better but there shouldn't be any pressure, whenever you're ready.”