Man refuses to go to his 'groomzilla' brother's wedding

His brother has described how the groom has gone "crazy" over his wedding. [Photo: Getty]
His brother has described how the groom has gone "crazy" over his wedding. [Photo: Getty]

One man has taken to Reddit to vent his frustration after his brother has turned into a complete groomzilla.

It’s not often we hear the term groomzilla, which is often reserved for brides who feel stressed out on the lead up to their big day.

The brother, however, talked about how his 28-year-old brother is getting married at the end of May - his birthday.

He branded his brother “crazy” for how much he’s worrying about the wedding, even though his fiancée is chilled about the whole thing.

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He explained that his brother has listed off demand after demand ahead of his big day.

The brother has been asked to wear a beige suit which makes him “look dead”.

It doesn’t end there, though.

The groom has asked his brother to gain weight, because he looks “too skinny” as well as take out his ear piercings and dye his hair back to his natural colour.

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The groom’s final demand is that his brother isn’t allowed to bring his boyfriend. He’s been told he can bring anyone but him.

The man asked if he was wrong for “refusing to go to the wedding over his requests.”

He said: “He was constantly reminding me there ‘rules’ yesterday we fought about it and I said that I wasn’t going at all.”

The thread has since received hundreds of comments.

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Many users shared their bad wedding day experiences as a way to highlight that nothing is ever “perfect”.

One user wrote: “You should invite people to your wedding, you don’t get to invite who you want people to be. The suit seemed somewhat reasonable but everything else wasn’t. If you can’t accept a person as they are don’t invite them.”

Another agreed: “If you cant go to the wedding as yourself whats the point of going? It sounds like he’s embarrassed of you.”

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