Most popular dates to get married this year revealed

Autumn weddings are proving popular this year [Photo: Getty]
Autumn weddings are proving popular this year [Photo: Getty]

The most popular dates to get married have been released and they’ll likely surprise you.

While you might think peak wedding season would fall in spring and summer, in fact some of the most in-demand dates to tie the knot in 2019 don’t fall in either season. It turns out most couples are opting to book their big days for either October, September or June.

A survey by wedding registry website Zola, which analysed data from engaged couples set to wed this year, has revealed the most popular dates for 2019 and they are all in those three months.

And the most popular day to marry is a day in early to mid-autumn – specifically October 12.

While it might make sense for some soon-to-be weds to want to skip the risk of a sweaty summer gathering, Zola’s director of brand Jennifer Spector provided some other theories about why Autumn reigning supreme in terms of save the dates.

“It’s no surprise that autumn is so popular, because the temperature is mild, the photographs are Pinterest-perfect, and it avoids the summer travel season for guests,” she told Insider.

10 most popular wedding dates for 2019:

  1. Saturday, October 12

  2. Saturday, October 5

  3. Saturday, September 7

  4. Saturday, October 19

  5. Saturday, September 21

  6. Saturday, September 28

  7. Saturday, September 14

  8. Saturday, June 1

  9. Saturday, June 22

  10. Saturday, October 26

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Somewhat unsurprisingly all the most popular wedding dates fell on a Saturday, which means guests don’t have to navigate time off work and have all day Sunday to recover from their adult headaches.

But it turns out that getting hitched on a weekday, is also seeing an upsurge, partly because it proves to be much cheaper than more popular peak-day weekend nuptials.

The Zola survey revealed that there will be twice the amount of Thursday weddings in 2019 than there were in 2018

“Most venues offer weekday discounts, and vendors like photographers and florists are often more willing to negotiate. The cost savings alone can make a Thursday wedding very appealing,” Spector told the publication.

She suggests this can be a good cost-saving option for cash-strapped couples, but recommends giving guests plenty of notice so they can book the time off work and understanding that some people still might not make it.

Opting for a weekday wedding might give couples who couldn’t nab their dream venue on their date of choice a chance to tie the knot there without the ten year wait list.

“The most in-demand wedding venues can book up over a year in advance, so a Thursday wedding is one way for a couple to book their dream venue sooner,” Spector explained.

But if a weekday really isn’t an option, having your big day at a slightly different time of year might also help to keep costs down.

These are the most popular dates to get married this year [Photo: Getty]
These are the most popular dates to get married this year [Photo: Getty]

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The weather can play a huge role in the dates brides and grooms choose to get wed, particularly in the UK, so last year the news there is now a weather prediction tool was welcomed by many engaged couples.

The ‘wedding weather calculator’, created by retailer Monsoon, aims to take the guesswork out of planning your big day.

Using official Met Office rainfall data, the brand analysed 86 years of statistics to establish which days have historically been the driest and wettest.

All you need to do is select your wedding date and venue, and the calculator will give you the chance of rain as a percentage.

Interestingly, the calculator predicted that there be a 37% chance of downpours on the most popular wedding date – 12 October – this year.