Bride with fertility issues slams guest for giving her pregnancy test as a gift

A wedding guest has been described as "insensitive" for giving a bride a range of baby-related gifts on her wedding day. [Photo: Getty]
A wedding guest has been described as "insensitive" for giving a bride a range of baby-related gifts on her wedding day. [Photo: Getty]

Finding the perfect wedding gift can be a difficult task.

If you’re not sure what to buy, though, it’s probably not a good idea to gift a hamper full of pregnancy tests, pacifiers and baby onesies.

It’s best to err on the side of caution that the bride and groom might not want kids - at least right away.

For this one bride, though, the gift was even more “insensitive”.

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She took to Twitter to share her confusion over the gift she received.

“Someone gave me a pregnancy test, pacifiers, and onesies as a wedding gift and that is just super inappropriate?”

“Even if I wanted children (which I don’t) I am infertile and a gift like that is extremely insensitive.”

The tweet was shared on Facebook as part of a wedding shaming group.

The bride went on to explain that all of her guests knew she was infertile but she’s continually told she’s “selfish” for not having children.

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She went onto explain that her Mormon religion was to blame and that having a big family is expected of her.

“They keep telling me over and over again, I’ll change my mind or that I’m being selfish and immature for not having kids. I have repeatedly asked them to not bring it up.”

Other users who were part of the Facebook group sympathised with the new bride.

One wrote: “Nothing would make that ok as a wedding gift.”

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Not everybody understood the bride’s fury, though. Some people, who received baby-related gifts, said they found them extremely helpful.

Many agreed that yes, it is a helpful gift if you’ve specifically asked for it. However, if you’ve explained to everybody you don’t want children or are infertile, that’s a different story.

Perhaps next time it’s just worth sticking to the gift registry.

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