Maid of honour's dilemma after cheating ex picked as best man

bridesmaids at wedding
A maid of honour is facing a dilemma after her cheating ex was selected as the best man. Photo: Getty

A woman has opened up about how she found out her ex-fiancé of six years was cheating on her, but he was still going to be the best man at her best friend’s wedding - and she’s the maid of honour.

Taking to Reddit to share the whole messy truth of the matter, the maid of honour revealed she doesn’t think she'll be able to cope with having to be paired with him on the wedding day.

“Am I an a**hole if I back out of being maid of honour at my best friend’s wedding next weekend?” she asked the thread.

She and her ex had planned their own wedding in August, before she discovered he had been cheating on her with call girls.

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“I confront him, he claims to be a sex addict and promises to change. I consider it for half a second and say no. Cue uncontrollable crying, self doubt, a battery of STD tests,” she wrote.

Photo: Getty
She discovered her fiance had been cheating when a call girl sent him a message. Photo: Getty

“On top of all this my best friend is marrying his best friend. Groom doesn't want to rock the boat at this late date and select a new best man,” she continues.

“Bride says she has way too much in her plate and is begging me to just go through with it and she'll ‘make it up to me’.

“I've never hated a human being as much as I hate him. I understand the whole wedding doesn't need to fall apart because I'm upset.”

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Every comment was supportive of the bridesmaid, saying the situation definitely wasn’t ideal.

“Your ex is such an arse. He should bow out I mean come on,” one person wrote.

“That's pretty brutal. It's like going to a baby shower a few days after a miscarriage,” another said.

“Because this literally happened last week, that’s a really fresh wound, I wouldn’t go either,” another agreed.

Some however encouraged her to try and overcome her emotions so she could still be there on the day.

“Honestly I think you should go,” was one response. “Don't let this a**hole take you away from having a great time at your best friend's wedding. Smile, laugh, look your hottest even if it kills you inside. Happiness is the best revenge.”

The woman eventually responds a few days after the original post to say she is going to take the internet’s advice and attend the wedding.

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“[Those who] said I should go anyway to support my friend (we were friends before we were born, our moms were college roommates) your arguments were the most convincing. I'm going to suck it up, participate, have fun,” she revealed.