Lorraine Kelly 'reveals' grandbaby's quirky name after sharing gender at home with daughter Rosie

Lorraine Kelly has opened up about her daughter Rosie's pregnancy, revealing that she's already picked out a name for her unborn granddaughter.

The TV presenter recently found out that her daughter Rosie, 29, is expecting a baby girl after the pair took part in a gender reveal video. With the help of Rosie's adorable dachshund Ruby, the mother-daughter pair filmed a gender reveal on Sunday, cutting open a doggy cake to find that it was pink inside - and that Rosie would be soon be welcoming a baby girl.

Starting off her ITV show on Monday, Lorraine opened up to Dr. Hilary Jones about the reveal. "It is exciting, I have to make sure I don't get too excited," she said on Lorraine.

Rosie Smith
Lorraine Kelly revealed her ideal baby name for her unborn granddaughter on her ITV show

"I can't believe that it was 30 years ago that you and I sat on GMTV [with baby Rosie], it feels like no time at all."

She added that she's already picked out a name for her incoming granddaughter - although Rosie may not be keen on the idea. "It's really good. I have no idea what she's going to be called, I've been called her Tallulah-Belle in my head," she smiled.

"I don't think she'll be called Tallulah-Belle. But it'll be great because my mum - great-granny - granny me, Rosie mum and wee tiny baby, we've got to get a picture of that."

Speaking about how first-time mum Rosie is doing with the pregnancy, Lorraine said that she's "never seen" her daughter look "so beautiful".

"She's blooming. It's six months now and she's absolutely blooming," Lorraine gushed. "I've never seen her so beautiful."

Lorraine Kelly and Rosie Smith
Rosie Smith is expecting her first child with her partner -Credit:Instagram/Rosie Smith

Lorraine opened up about her daughter's pregnancy earlier this month, admitting that it's an "exciting" time for her family. Speaking to Bella Magazine, she said that she's going to make sure that she doesn't "interfere too much" when the baby arrives.

"It's the most exciting thing that has happened to our family in a long time. It will be really really lovely," she said. "I've just said to Rosie, 'I'm here for you, anything you need.' She's good though, we've got that kind of relationship that if I was annoying her, she would just say 'Enough, go home.'"

She added that she knows her daughter is "going to be the best mum" and that she plans on going by "Granny Smith", adding that it will be her "badge of honour".

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