Looking for a unique baby name? Experts reveal the monikers no parents are choosing

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Experts have revealed the baby names so unique no one is picking them [Photo: Pixabay via Pexels]
Experts have revealed the baby names so unique no one is picking them [Photo: Pixabay via Pexels]

Choosing a baby name is a tricky business. Pick something popular and you risk your child being one of six Amelias on the pre-school register.

So recently we’ve seen a trend, particularly in celebsville to opt for a moniker that’s totally unique. Er, welcome to the world Bear Payne!

As a result it is becoming increasingly hard for parents to conjure up a name that’s truly different.

Thankfully baby naming experts have come up with a list of names that absolutely no one is using anymore, which may provide some inspo for parents looking for an unforgettable name.

Experts from Nameberry decided to compare all the official baby names recorded in the US last year against the complete list of names in their own database.

This revealed the names that not a single child was given in 2016. Not even one!

Unsurprisingly this list ran into the thousands, 5,000 to be precise, so the researchers picked out their top 100 that they felt were the most ‘useable’.

The names no one used in 2016 [Photo: Nameberry]
The boys names no one used in 2016 [Photo: Nameberry]

A quick scroll down the list reveals that the style of names range from the deeply traditional to the so-futuristic and the frankly bonkers.

Some parents seem to have taken inspo from words we use in everyday conversation such as Remember, Story, West and Season.

While others have looked to nature for namespo choosing monikers with a floral or wildlife feel – hello Trout, Daffodil, Bluebell, Beach, Land and Salmon.

The names no one used in 2016 [Photo: Nameberry]
The girls names no one used in 2016 [Photo: Nameberry]

Other slightly out-of-the box names you probably wouldn’t have thought to choose for your little one include Dancer, Kermit, Oberon, Whimsy, Scorpio and er, Puck.

To be fair it isn’t difficult to see why some of the names have fallen out of favour. Probably won’t be long before they join the baby monikers on the endangered names list.

To see the full list of 100 unique baby names, visit Nameberry.

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