Are these the silliest baby names ever? Mums take to the Internet to share the most unusual monikers they've heard

Are these the most ridiculous baby names ever? [Photo: Getty]
Are these the most ridiculous baby names ever? [Photo: Getty]

When it comes to choosing baby names, many parents opt to side-step the more traditional naming path in favour of something a little different. But the danger, in searching for a moniker which will stand out from the Harrys and Amelias on the nursery register, is that you could take things a tad far.

So much so that a discussion has recently sprung up on parenting site Mumsnet where mothers have been sharing the most, er, unique baby names they have come across.

The dialogue was kickstarted by CuppaTeaTeddy who took to the forum to explain that there was a boy in her school who’s middle names were Ryan Giggs and prompted other users to share some of the most unusual names other parents had heard.

“Anyone else come across strange reasons/funny names that made you wonder why the parents would want to put there child through it?” she asked.

And others were quick to come forward to share the unusual monikers they’d stumbled across.

“There’s a girl in dd’s nursery called Amazing-Grace,” one user wrote.

“I don’t actually know this family, but a friend of mine knows a couple who named their son Daddy-Cool. I really hope that little boy is cool enough to make that name work for him!” another user wrote.

“Ita Peach, Chelsea Stamford, Tia Maria,” another mum offered up.

One user revealed that there was a Harry Potter in her daughter’s class, while another said her son had a Missy Pitts and a Tiara in his class at school.

Another woman had a whole string of names to add to the out-there names list “Prince-Charming, Noodles, Gracious, Perfect, Modest, Peaceful,” she wrote.

Parents are choosing more unusual names in a bid to stand out [Photo: Getty]
Parents are choosing more unusual names in a bid to stand out [Photo: Getty]

“A girl I know is called Scarlett O’hara. There’s also a kid at playgroup called diesel which makes me giggle,” another user added.

“I’ve recently learned about a friend of a friend and their new baby girl: Danger,” yet another user shared.

It seems choosing an name that’s a little off-the-wall is something of a trend right now as just last week we revealed that the names Sherlock, Moana and Bowie have all made the hottest names of 2017 list.

But parents should beware of picking a name that tops the unusual list as a recent survey by Mumsnet revealed that a fifth (18%) of parents go on to suffer baby name regret about the moniker they picked for their little one.

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