Each UK city's most popular baby names

Planning to call him Jack? We have some news…[Photo: Pexels]

As far as we know, Sherlock, Moana and Bowie are the baby names set to trend in 2017.

But if you live in Liverpool and have a little girl, chances are you’ll call them something a little more traditional; Isabella.

Or if in Oxford, and you have a little boy, perhaps he’ll be called Jack.

Different cities may be very different, but we have similar tastes [Photo: Character Cottages]

Thanks to research by Character Cottages, the most popular names in each UK city have been revealed.

Names such as Olivia and Harry are top picks as always, and though different bits of the UK have different preferences, it’s clear certain names are more popular than others nationwide.

Let’s just say there will be lots of baby Amelias in England, Wales and Northern Island this year, as the most popular name in 26 UK cities.

Amelia, Amelia and – oh – Amelia [Photo: Charter Cottages]

For Northern Island in particular, Emily is a fiercely popular girls’ name – with Armagh, Derry and Lisburn all picking it as their favourite – while Jacob takes the boys’ throne in Wales as Cardiff, Newport and St David’s all jump aboard.

Meanwhile in London, Muhammed and Amelia nab the top boys’ and girls’ spots – Amelia is also Birmingham’s favourite for girls, though the slightly rarer Alfie is at the top of the boys’.

Quite a few Northern Irish cities have opted for traditional Celtic names [Photo: Charter Cottages]

Chelmsford might have its eye on a certain royal little boy as George is their top boys’ name, and yet again Amelia for girls.

Cities that should give themselves a pat on the back for originality include Salford, Liverpool, Newry and Perth, the only four cities to have both a top girl and boys’ name unique to that city.


Plenty of areas are feeling a touch of patriotism [Photo: Charter Cottages]

Down in the South East of England, the slightly less popular Evie, Poppy and Mia reign, while the ever-popular names Oliver and Jack go from strength to strength.

It’s a tough one; if you don’t want little Jack to make friends with around ten other Jacks when he goes to nursery, you’ll have to find something a little more unusual.

But you can’t put a price on a good name, can you?

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