'Welcome to the world baby Wigbert': The poshest baby names revealed

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Tatler has revealed their 'poshest' baby names list [Photo: Getty]
Tatler has revealed their ‘poshest’ baby names list [Photo: Getty]

Choosing a baby name is one heck of a minefield. Do you play it safe and go for something popular – so what if there are six little Lily’s on the nursery register? Or do you go down the celebrity route and pick something a little off the wall – we’re looking at you Gwynnie, Kim K et al?

But maybe you want to give your sproglet an upmarket name that will see them blend seamlessly into high society in later life. And now you can thanks to Tatler. The society bible has released a list of the ‘poshest’ baby names, which they believe should be made popular again.

The list of 26 boys and 26 girls names includes upmarket gems such as Innsbruck, Euripides, Ormerod, Wigbert or Npeter (with a silent ‘N’). For the female of the species they suggest Gethsemane, Vervain, Queenie and Debonaire.

Before you think the features desk have been having a laugh dreaming up some of the most out-there names they can think of, the high-end magazine has confirmed that each and every name on the list is real. Yep, there’s a baby Figgy running around out there somewhere.

“We’ve picked out some of the poshest names known to man,” the accompanying article on the Tatler website reveals. “These are the real deal. Some are even centuries old. Let’s make them popular again!”

But if you’re not so keen for your little one to stand out from the baby-name crowd, there are some titles on the list that are a little more ordinary sounding. David, John and Kenneth all make the posh list for boys whereas Nancy, Una and Wendy are all considered upper class names for girls.

So if you’re currently looking for namespo for your newborn maybe you might consider the monikers Monaveen or Zenia for a girl or Uxorious, Stourton for a boy? Not only will they be able to hob knob with society’s finest, but there’ll unlikely be six of them on the nursery register!

See the full list below.

Baby Wigbert is looking forward to the high life [Photo: Getty]
Baby Wigbert is looking forward to the high life [Photo: Getty]

‘Poshest’ names for girls

  • Alfreda

  • Blanche

  • Czar-Czar

  • Debonaire

  • Estonia

  • Figgy

  • Gethsemane

  • Hum

  • Idabelle

  • Jori

  • Koala

  • Lark

  • Monaveen

  • Nancy

  • Opal

  • Power

  • Queenie

  • Rara

  • Scar

  • Tansy

  • Una

  • Vervain

  • Wendy

  • Xanthe

  • Yellow

  • Zenia

The ‘poshest’ names for boys

  • Aubyn

  • Barclay

  • Cassar

  • David

  • Euripides

  • Fenston

  • Gustav

  • Hickman

  • Innsbruck

  • John

  • Kenneth

  • Ludlow

  • Mao

  • Npeter (the ‘N’ is silent)

  • Ormerod

  • Prince

  • Quail

  • Ra

  • Stourton

  • Titus

  • Uxorious

  • Victory

  • Wigbert

  • Xman

  • Yak

  • Zebedee

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