Kelly Brook has been told to lose weight from her boobs, but just how easy is that?

How easy is it to lose weight from your boobs? [Photo: Getty]
How easy is it to lose weight from your boobs? [Photo: Getty]

When it comes to boob size, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Just ask Kelly Brook.

Earlier this month the actress and TV presenter revealed that her breasts were causing her some health issues.

“I’ve been having lots of back problems recently and I went to the doctor and he said ‘oh I think you might need to lose weight’ and I was like ‘really?’” she told the panel on ‘Loose Women.’

“He was like ‘yeah you know, you’ve put on quite a bit of weight up here’ because that’s where I put it on, on my boobs.”

The 38-year-old went on to reveal that having gone up to a 34FF her boobs now weigh about a KG each.

“My bras were not supporting me and it’s completely thrown my back out, so now I’m literally training to lose weight off my boobs,” she continued.

But just how easy is it to lose weight from your boobs?

According to Andy Ward, Personal Trainer and ambassador for Cellucor, sports nutrition products ditching fat specifically from the breast area is actually pretty tricky.

“It is impossible to isolate specific areas of the body for fat loss, thus making it particularly difficult to lose weight from just the breast area as it is predominantly made of fatty tissue,” he explains.

“However, for women, the most stubborn areas are the hips and bum due to the additional support required during pregnancy and childbirth. This means that other areas of the body such as your arms, face, belly and breasts are more likely to lose fat first.”

For those looking to try and reduce their breast size with exercise Andy recommends incorporating chest/pec exercises which will help tone up the muscle underneath the breasts.

“Exercises such as an Incline Dumbbell Fly and Incline Dumbbell Press will help develop the upper chest area,” he says.

“Try this circuit twice a week to help tone up the breast area:

A1 – Cable Fly 3 x 15 Reps

A2 – Incline Dumbbell Press 3 x 12-15 Reps

A3 – Incline Dumbbell Fly 3 x 12-15 Reps.”

Many women offer for a breast reduction as losing weight from your boobs using exercise alone can be tricky [Photo: Getty]
Many women offer for a breast reduction as losing weight from your boobs using exercise alone can be tricky [Photo: Getty] PT Steve Ahern also has some advice on sculpting the chest area

“Low rep, heavy weighted exercises are most effective for losing weight from the chest area,” he says.

“Many women believe losing weight on the chest area is all about cardio, sprint and interval training in order to lose the weight, however its low rep, heavy weighted exercises that count the most. You also don’t want to just focus on the target area – doing push, pull sessions will be much more beneficial.”

“Upper body push exercises combined with upper body pull exercises will work on the back muscles to compensate the anterior part of the body and help with posture,” he continues.

“A classic push exercise that burns a large number of calories would be the bench press.”

Of course, trying to reduce the size of your bust through exercise alone can be time consuming, so some women are forced to turn to more extreme methods.

“’Cheat’ based exercises specifically geared to target fat in the breast area can help to speed up weight loss,” explains Dr Munir Somji leading Cosmetic Surgeon and CMO of Dr MediSpa.

“However, in order to properly lose weight from this area, overall weight loss of the whole body is necessary.”

Dr Somji says there are a number of surgical options for those wanting to decrease their breast size including mini liposuction, surgical breast reduction, and non-invasive fat reduction and tightening (ultrasound and radiofrequency based).

Indeed surgery can offer women hoping to lose weight specifically from the boob area the quickest results and some women even combine a breast reduction with a boob uplift.

Although this procedure is slightly more invasive, according to cosmetic surgeon Dr Foued Hamza, it achieves a larger degree of lift and is therefore more appropriate for individuals with larger breasts. But with prices starting from £5,500, it doesn’t necessarily come cheap.

Kelly Brook certainly isn’t alone when it comes to wanting to reduce her bust size. The Triumph Female Confidence Report found that nearly half of women want smaller breasts, and with breast reduction operations rising by 13 per cent worldwide last year – and more than 6,200 in Britain alone – it’s clear for some women size really does matter.

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