Jessica Alba's new Netflix movie fans slammed by fans as 'one of the worst ever'

Fans who have viewed Jessica Alba’s latest movie Trigger Warning are not being kind about the action thriller that was released on Netflix on Friday 21 June.

Viewers have taken to social media to describe it as “a terrible terrible film. Think cheap made for TV drama that has no plot and doesn’t go anywhere.” Other comments included: “Trigger Warning is predictable garbage,” and “Jessica Alba I love you but my goodness that Trigger Warning movie was horrible. Horrible movie. Waste of 1 hour plus”, while one person wrote that the movie was “one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen lol.”

However, some people have been more positive about the movie, with one viewer writing on X: “Some real strong fight choreography with the work clearly being put in by Jessica Alba. Would love to see her continue down the low budget action road for a bit. She’s got a ton of presence.” Another agreed, saying: “Damn good watch,” while one fan commented: “Jessica Alba did a good job for her first action movie. Simple revenge story but the fighting was just so good it’s just nice to see her back on screen after 5 long years.”

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba in Trigger Warning -Credit:Courtesy of Netflix
Jessica Alba and Tone Bell
Jessica Alba stars with Tone Bell in the Netflix action thriller -Credit:Ursula Coyote/Netflix

In the movie, Jessica stars as Special Forces commando Parker, who returns home from active duty after learning her father has died suddenly and she has inherited the family bar. As she searches for answers about how her father died, she reconnects with her former boyfriend, who is now the sheriff, his brother and their powerful father, Senator Swann (played by former Brat Pack actor Anthony Michael Hall) and discovers her home town is being overrun by a violent gang.

Jessica, who began acting at the age of 13, rose to fame in the TV series Dark Angel, and also starred in movies including 2005’s Fantastic Four, Good Luck Chuck, Sin City and Little Fockers.

Now 43 and a mum of three children with husband Cash Warren, she took a five year break from movies to concentrate on The Honest Company, which she co-founded. The company sells body care, baby products and household goods.

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba's Parker is out for revenge -Credit:Ursula Coyote/Netflix

Trigger Warning marks her return to movies and has a special family connection for the actress. “My grandfather passed away in the process of developing this movie,” she told Netflix’s Tudum. “I drew from a lot of that personal experience when I was doing the movie just because it literally just happened, and I got to actually use a lot of my family’s photos in the scenes in the bar.”

The movie also fulfilled Jessica’s dream of being an action hero on screen. “I loved Luc Besson’s La Femme Nikita,” she said. “I also loved Ripley [in Alien] and I love Sarah Connor in The Terminator.”