Meghan appears to break royal tradition with trendy iCandy pushchair for baby

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It looks like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might have chosen the buggy their newborn will be riding around in – and it appears to break with royal tradition.

A delivery car from iCandy was spotted entering the royal couple’s future home, Frogmore Estate, Windsor, last week, causing many to speculate the pair has opted for a pram from the luxury London label for their unborn child.

They certainly wouldn’t be alone in favouring the brand. Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Natalie Portman and Elton John have all favoured the smart buggies for their offspring.

Fans of the British brand, which cost up to £1,500, claim the strollers offer the perfect blend of design and functionality and have proved popular because they are easy to fold up and carry.

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But the Royal Family has traditionally favoured classic brand Silver Cross for royal children.

The Queen, the Duchess of Cambridge and other royals including Princess Diana have all been seen pushing their children in prams made by the classic brand.

The Queen and her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, were often seen pushing a young Prince Charles in a Silver Cross pram and William and Kate favoured a ‘Balmoral’ Silver Cross for both George and Charlotte.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are known for opting to break with royal traditions, so it won’t come as a surprise if they do opt for an iCandy as their newborn’s mode of transport.

Emma Coffey, Marketing Manager at The Baby Show, experts in strollers says: “We already know that Meghan and Harry have taken a unique, more modern view of pregnancy and birth – reading up on natural-birthing techniques, including hypnobirthing or home birthing.

“Their interest in iCandy also shows a departure from the traditional style of prams favoured by Kate Middleton and Prince William – and in fact Princess Diana and Prince Charles and the Queen and Prince Phillip!”

The royal family have previously favoured Silver Cross prams [Photos: Getty]
The royal family have previously favoured Silver Cross prams [Photos: Getty]

According to the website, one big appeal of an iCandy is its use of aeronautical technology.

“The standard of engineering and luxurious level of material rival that of a plane, not a pushchair,” it says.

“The results are seen and felt in effortless performance.”

The pushchairs come an array of varieties referred to as ‘flavours’: peach, strawberry, apple, pear, cherry and raspberry.

“Sleek, stylish, sophisticated and quickly becoming a modern icon – the description for the iCandy pram is made for Meghan too,” says Cathy Ranson, editor of “While some may see it as an unusual choice, the brand is still British but with a very modern twist, making it perfect for Harry and Meghan’s imminent new arrival.”

“Traditionally the Royal family have used Silver Cross prams. They’re a trusted British brand with a strong heritage and upmarket pedigree but some parents feel they are a little formal,” Cathy continues.

“Choosing your first pram is a rite of passage for new parents and hours of care goes into choosing not only what you believe is the best for your baby but what feels right to reflect you as a parent too. Harry and Meghan are showing they won’t be bound by protocol and want to forge their own path – and this makes this trendy British-made buggy the perfect choice.

“The iCandy is loved by international A-listers including the Beckhams, Selma Blair and Elton John and includes all the latest technical innovations, so Baby Sussex will travel in both comfort and considerable star style.”

[Photo: Getty]
[Photo: Getty]

Another royal who is a fan of an iCandy pushchair is Zara Tindall. Last year Harry and William’s cousin was announced as the ambassador for the brand just weeks after welcoming her second baby girl.

Meanwhile, Pippa Middleton opted for a Fox Classic model by Dutch mobility company Bugaboo, a brand which is loved by celebrity mums and known for its sky-high price tags.

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Whichever pram the Duke and Duchess of Sussex opt for will no doubt prove popular with other parents-to-be.

“We definitely expect to see a boost in sales around the products that Meghan and Prince Harry choose for their new baby – just as we saw with all three of Prince William and Kate’s children,” explains Christy McGhee, Reviews Editor at MadeForMums.

“From traditional baby blankets to classic clothing, the royal great grandchildren have real influence.”

“These choices also affect core new-parent purchases – we saw a big leap in interest when the royal car seat (Britax Baby-Safe) and pram (Silver Cross Sleepover) were revealed,” Christy adds.

“Interestingly, while both choices were classic and traditional, they weren’t the most expensive options in the market, and this ‘sensible’ approach really appealed to UK parents.

“Now all eyes are on Meghan and Prince Harry, with speculation around their buggy choice ranging from the popular iCandy range to high quality, heritage brand Silver Cross. Whichever products the couple do choose for their baby, new parents will be watching, commenting and taking inspiration as they make their own choices.”