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Chrissy Teigen

The mum-of-one gets her daughter, Luna, from A to B in an Orbit Baby Travel System. The G3 infant car seat features a circular SmartHub base making it easy to install at any angle—no more contorting to get baby into the car. 

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Pimp my ride: Pushchairs celebrity parents love

Forget choosing a colour for the nursery, picking your pushchair is one of the toughest decisions parents-to-be will make. Do you go for sporty or skinny, simple or souped-up, flashy or futuristic, classic or current? And that’s before you consider how many wheels, how lightweight and how the hell will it fit through the front door (double buggies we’re looking at you!)? Phew! 

Need some pushspo? Check out which baby wheels these famous mums (and dads) are rocking.

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