Bride kick-starts debate after asking guests to save multiple dates for her wedding

A bride has caused a stir online for her unusual save the date requests [Photo: Getty]
A bride has caused a stir online for her unusual save the date requests [Photo: Getty]

A bride and groom have caused a stir online for their over-the-top ‘save the date’ cards.

Wedding etiquette (or lack of) has been getting the Internet riled this year. First there was the bridesmaid who betrayed her best friend by sharing an image of the bride’s dress before the wedding.

Then came the bride-to-be who wrote to her guests asking mums to restrict any breastfeeding to the ladies loos.

Oh and let’s not forget the groom who asked his guests to help pay for his dream wedding.

Now one couple’s ‘save the date’ card has prompted a debate online, thanks to its unusual requests.

According to a Mumsnet user the bride and groom-to-be have asked that guests reserve “a few different dates” they’re considering, each of which is a mere three months away.

But wait, there’s more. The couple have also issued a somewhat confusing request that guests adhere to possible colour schemes.

“DCousin is getting married and she’s sent out her ‘save the date’ thing, instead it’s plural… It’s save the dates!” the poster wrote.

“She’s put a few different dates down, not evening explaining why etc etc. Just begins with “Here are our dates we’re considering. Put those plans on hold!’ All our love, xyz”

The user goes on to add that there also might be a guest colour scheme.

“Furthermore, she’s ended it with “Top hint: Keep colour schemes orange/white or maybe pink in mind” – Yes, that’s right. She said maybe.”

The poster concludes her post by asking users if she is being unreasonable to think this is slightly odd.

And other Mumsnet users were quick to offer their opinions on the subject.

The vagueness of the unusual requests, the fact the possible dates don’t give guests much time to plan, prompted strong a strong reaction from the Mumsnet community, with one user asking, “What fresh hell is this?” and others branding the bride-to-be a “self-absorbed loon.”

“Would I chuff be ‘saving’ multiple dates on the off chance that a relative might get married!” one user wrote.

The Internet was divided about the unusual save the date requests [Photo: Getty]
The Internet was divided about the unusual save the date requests [Photo: Getty]

But not everyone saw anything wrong with the save the date card.

“Aw she sounds excited and wants to make sure you can come. What’s the problem?” one user wrote.

“Weddings are a big deal to organise and surely it’s better to forewarn the important guests of how it’s going? She’ll let you know which date when it’s settled and that wont be long now if it’s for Feb.”

It seems the thread was somewhat confused about the colour scheme request too. Debating whether the wording meant guests should plan to wear those colours or whether the bride was just revealing the overall colour scheme of the wedding.

“Is she telling you to dress in orange or pink or telling you to stay away from them because, assuming obviously, that they’re her bridal colours?” one user asked.

“I would rather put my feet in boiling oil than wear orange and/or white so would probably book both dates with something more interesting well in advance,” another added.

Whether the original poster decides to save the dates for her cousin’s wedding or pick out the perfect burnt orange outfit to wear to it or not, she should console herself with the fact that it could have been worse. She could have been asked to dye her hair to match the colour scheme. Or maybe even ditch her glasses for the entire day.

There are no words.

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