This bridesmaid will never be asked to a wedding again

What would you do? [Photo: Pexels]
What would you do? [Photo: Pexels]

It’s 2017 and in the era of social media, it can prove difficult to keep certain things private. But we all know that there are elements of our lives that don’t need to be documented.

Your #OOTD? Sure. Your brunch spot? Of course. A photograph of the bride-to-be’s dress eight months before the wedding? Erm, perhaps not.

In an anonymous post on bridal website Mamma Mia, one bride recalled how one of her bridesmaids betrayed her in the run-up to her nuptials.

She wrote: “I was ecstatic and thrilled that I’d finally found my gown. I took my bridal party out for lunch afterwards to celebrate and we had a really lovely afternoon together. But then when I got home I got a phone call from my bridesmaid Sandra that left me shaking and in tears…”

In the age of social media, the lines between right and wrong have blurred [Photo: Pexels]
In the age of social media, the lines between right and wrong have blurred [Photo: Pexels]

She continued, “Sandra informed me that another bridesmaid, Tanya, who is a close friend of mine from school, had shared a picture of me in the wedding dress I purchased on her Instagram account.”

Worried that her friends and family would see the image before the big day, she asked Tanya to take down the image. However, she refused.

And having already put down over $3,000 (£2,545) as a deposit for the gown, the bride-to-be has no choice but to keep the dress.

Understandably, the bride is heartbroken as she wrote: “Every time I think about it I want to cry and can’t imagine walking down the aisle in this dress anymore.”

One thing’s for sure: Tanya won’t be asked to be a bridesmaid for any of her friends’ weddings ever again.

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