Inside Charlie Dimmock's relationship with former Garden Rescue co-stars The Rich Brothers

The Rich Brothers and Charlie Dimmock
The Rich Brothers and Charlie Dimmock (BBC)

Garden Rescue fans were heartbroken when Harry and David Rich, aka 'The Rich Brothers', decided to leave the show in 2021. They first joined fellow garden guru Charlie Dimmock on the beloved BBC programme back in 2016, and it didn't take long before they impressed viewers with their incredible transformation of outdoor spaces.

During their stint on the long-running show, Harry and David went head-to-head with Charlie to create dream gardens across the UK. While the green-fingered gang were competitors on-screen, what was their relationship like when the cameras stopped rolling? Here's all we know…

Harry and David were fans of Charlie before Garden Rescue

Charlie has been a regular fixture on our TV screens for decades, having hosted the BBC's Ground Force for eight years from 1997. So, it's no surprise that Harry and David were already fans before meeting her.

rich brothers
David and Harry Rich joined Charlie Dimmock on Garden Rescue in 2016 (Photo: BBC)

Speaking about joining Charlie on Garden Rescue, David revealed that he had a crush on her when he was young. "I loved Ground Force and grew up with it. I secretly had a crush on Charlie," he told The Sun in 2017. "She once told us how she starred in a saucy calendar shoot when she was younger and it outsold former lingerie model Caprice.

"I think she's quite chuffed about that," he added.


The trio had fun while filming

The on-screen chemistry between Charlie and the two brothers was clear to see during their episodes together, so it's easy to believe that they enjoyed each other's company while filming.

Reflecting on her Ground Force days, Charlie revealed she has just as much fun with the Rich Brothers as she did with her former co-stars Alan Titchmarsh and Tommy Walsh.

Charlie Dimmock, Alan Titchmarsh and Tommy Walsh
Charlie with her Ground Force co-stars Alan Titchmarsh and Tommy Walsh (Tony Sapiano/Shutterstock)

"We did have good fun [on Ground Force] and one of the things [The Rich Brothers] said to me was, 'We were allowed to stay up late for Ground Force!' which made me feel absolutely ancient. It was of its time and me and the boys do have great fun," she previously told The Express.

Explaining how the trio love to "tease each other", the presenter continued: "I feel there's some happiness and fun in [Garden Rescue] as well. We all tease each other terribly and there’s always fun on and off camera. We do have fun."

Just like Harry and David are fans of Charlie, the seasoned presenter is also full of praise for the brothers' work. "The boys are trained designers and they come up with stuff that if I sat for a year and a day I would never come up with it. They are absolutely amazing and that makes me go, 'Where did that come from?'," she said.

Charlie loved to tease The Rich Brothers

Charlie, Harry and David were clearly comfortable around each other, and as Charlie said, the trio loved to tease one another while filming.

In one episode, Charlie poked fun at her co-stars for mentioning the Chelsea Flower Show, with the brothers previously having won both a silver and gold medal at the prestigious gardening event.

Charlie Dimmock and The Rich Brothers
The trio had 'great fun' filming the show (BBC)

Before getting to work on their designs, Harry began: "Sean, Sam, Maddy and Georgie wanted a garden that wouldn't have looked out of place at the Chelsea Flower Show, which is a hard task."

Teasing her co-stars, Charlie chimed in: "What are you two like? You just can't help bringing up Chelsea Flower Show," before offering an impression of the pair: "'We got two medals!'"

Charlie Dimmock on Garden Rescue
Charlie praised the brothers' work on the show (Spun Gold TV)

Giggling away, David added: "Do you want to see them?"

Charlie joked: "I bet you walk around with them in your pocket!"

The Rich Brothers' Garden Rescue exit

Harry and David stepped down from the show in 2021, with the sixth season marking their last.

At the time, the BBC said in a statement: "Arit Anderson and the Rich brothers have decided to leave the programme after this year, however they will continue to feature in the latest series starting this month."

rich brothers
Harry and David left the show in 2021 (Photo: Custom)

The reasons for Harry and David's departure were never explained. However, the duo run their own garden design practice, Rich Landscapes, which we imagine takes up a lot of their time.