This bride has banned her bridesmaid from wearing glasses at her wedding and the Internet isn't happy about it

Joke glasses might be allowed, but one bridesmaid is banned from wearing her real glasses at her brother's wedding [Photo: Pixabay via Pexels]
Joke glasses might be allowed, but one bridesmaid is banned from wearing her real glasses at her brother’s wedding [Photo: Pixabay via Pexels]

We’ve reported on a fair few bridezillas of late. The bride-to-be who insisted her bridesmaid dye her hair to match her dress (yes, really!), the bride who asked her bridesmaids to chip in for her designer wedding dress (oh yes!).

And now another example of diva bride demands has come to light.

This time, the bride in question wants to ban her future sister-in-law from wearing glasses to her own brother’s wedding.

Taking to Reddit, the woman – who is bridesmaid at the wedding – explained that she had been asked by the bride-to-be to go without her glasses for the duration of the ceremony and wedding breakfast because photographs would likely be taken throughout.

The woman is unable to wear contact lenses and is concerned that not wearing her glasses will mean she won’t be able to see anything.

“I don’t know why she thinks this is a good idea, my glasses are fashionable and I’ve been told by multiple people that I look better with them on,” she wrote.

“My vision is terrible, so I’d have to be led around everywhere, I’d never be able to find anyone if I needed them for anything,” she added.

The bridesmaid went on to explain that she has offered to compromise by not wearing her glasses just for the ceremony, but the bride-to-be is still insisting she go specs-free for the entire day.

She finished her post by asking for advice with how to proceed, and the forum was quick to offer their opinions on the thorny subject.

“Without my glasses I am legally blind. There is no way in HELL I would acquiesce to this request,” one woman wrote.

“I would legitimately resign my position and not go. There is no way I would allow my safety to be put at risk,” another women added.

“Asking a person to not wear their glasses is totally unreasonable. I’m near sighted and there’s no way I’d walk down a church aisle, especially if there’s steps anywhere that I may have to navigate, without my glasses on! I’d trip and fall and ruin the whole thing anyway,” another user pointed out.

Would you ban your bridesmaids from wearing glasses? [Photo: Stocksnap via Pexels]
Would you ban your bridesmaids from wearing glasses? [Photo: Stocksnap via Pexels]

“I’d just tell the SIL if she doesn’t want me to trip while walking down the aisle or fall over during the pictures and get my dress dirty then I’m wearing my glasses. Or really, either I wear the glasses as a bridesmaid or I wear them as a guest, her choice,” yet another user commented.

Others pointed out that she wouldn’t appreciate the day if she couldn’t wear her glasses.

“Honestly, you’re not going to be able to enjoy yourself during this event without your glasses. I know I wouldn’t. The thought of going more than five minutes without my glasses is so absurd – I literally never take them off unless I’m showering or sleeping,” one woman wrote.

The woman clearly wasn’t alone in being on the receiving end of bridezilla behaviour as other women took to the forum to share their own bad bride experiences.

“A friend of mine asked me to take my glasses off for her wedding pictures, saying that they would “ruin” her photos,” one user wrote. “This was right after I spent a thousand dollars on the bridesmaid dress she picked out, cross-country flight to her hometown, and hotel she chose.”

“I decided right then that we weren’t friends anymore.”

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