Woman pens letter describing her future spouse three years before she meets him

A bride read her husband a letter on their wedding day that she had written to him before they ever met. (Photo: Instagram via Lemon Tree Film House)
A bride read her husband a letter on their wedding day that she had written to him before they ever met. (Photo: Instagram via Lemon Tree Film House)

Love is a many-splendored thing.

One Australian woman, who recently got married, surprised her groom by reading a letter she wrote to him — three years before they met.

Victoria Laniakea, 28, informed the Daily Mail that she wasn’t sure what compelled her to sit down and pen a love letter to a man she had never met before. Three years later, however, she was shocked to realise that her love letter fit a man she lived in near when she moved to Canberra, Australia, in 2015.

“It just came to me one day, an idea just formed and I started writing,” she told the Daily Mail. She was surprised at how well her letter described her future beau, Philippe Lorrain.

It’s very personal, but I could not believe how perfectly it described Philippe and our story, the things he’d later say to me, like how he was glad he hadn’t met me sooner because we both needed to grow into the people we needed to be at the moment we finally met.”

Laniakea said that her letter included many features that her husband has. “Like how he is strong but gentle, he has and could weather any storm, but still takes insects he finds in the house outside instead of killing them, that he was close by but originally from much further away … which turned out to be Germany.”

In her letter, she even mentioned staring at the stars and feeling as though her future husband was looking at them too. Lorrain is a rocket scientist and does observe space often.

Laniakea wasn’t the only one who experienced that feeling of fate, however. “[Lorrain] left Germany to come to Australia in search of something he didn’t understand either but trusted the feeling, so we are both perplexed by the ‘how’ but just know there’s something greater at work here,” Laniakea said.

The couple, who are on their honeymoon in Japan, both unwittingly lived less than a half mile apart. According to the Daily Mail, a speech from the couple’s wedding revealed just how close they had come to running into each other several times before they met: “Philippe collected his mail from the post office where Victoria worked, she used to run past his house every day, Victoria even had lectures in the same building that Philippe did his PhD in.”

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