Man trolls girlfriend by editing her forehead when she gets on his nerves

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A boyfriend has come up with a brutal way of letting his girlfriend know she's annoyed him by photo editing her images [Photo: Getty]
A boyfriend has come up with a brutal way of letting his girlfriend know she's annoyed him by photo editing her images [Photo: Getty]

When they’ve had a disagreement many couples will give each other the silent treatment or stomp off out for some cool-down time.

But one boyfriend has come up with an altogether more creative way of getting his own back on his girlfriend when she’s annoyed him.

In a viral post on Twitter, Theodore Gussie revealed that when partner Adilene Venegas gets on his nerves, he photo edits her images to make her forehead to appear bigger.


Taking to social media, Theodore, from Chicago, shared several examples of original pictures and the versions he had tweaked.

“Sometimes when my girl makes me mad I upload pictures with her forehead edited to be slightly bigger,” he wrote in the original tweet.

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The brave boyfriend went on to explain that there was a correlation between the larger he made Adilene's forehead and the more she had irritated him.

"I normally don’t post them but this is an actual thing I just slightly or drastically inflate her head depending on the anger level lol," he added.

And social media users were pretty impressed with his funny yet petty trick.

To date, his post has received more than 338K 'likes' and 60K comments and shares.

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Theodore wasn’t the only one to use his photo editing skills to express his annoyance either, with some users sharing their own examples of picture tweaking.

Ultimately though, the guy’s girlfriend had the last laugh after joining the thread to share a photo of her boyfriend with a man's scrotum edited onto his chin.

"Sometimes when my boyfriend gets me mad, I upload pictures with sacks on his chin," she wrote in the accompanying caption.

It seems it was taken in good spirits, however, as on his original post she commented: "I can never forgive you for this, but i do love you."

It isn’t the first time a couple has gone viral after sharing a prank.

Back in 2017 a new mum divided the Internet after making her husband a cup of tea with her own breast milk.

While some viral pranks and challenges are just good clean, fun (i.e. the Matilda Challenge), others are a lot more risky.

So much so that YouTube recently banned prank and dangerous challenge videos following accidents after people started wearing blindfolds while driving.

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