This breast milk tea prank this mum played on her husband is going viral

A video of a mum putting breast milk in her husband’s tea is going viral [Photo: YouTube/Netmums Parenting]

A new mum has divided the Internet after making her husband a cup of tea with her own breast milk.

Charlotte Adams, 28 Sales Manager for Netmums uploaded a video to the Netmums Parenting YouTube Channel showing her secretly preparing her husband Rob’s breakfast including a special cuppa made with breast milk.

She went on to film her husband’s reaction after drinking the hot beverage. “It tastes funky!” he says confused, before asking what his wife has done to it.

Charlotte giggles before going on to admit that she made his tea with her breast milk, to which Rob looks a little surprised before eventually smiling.

A video of a mum putting breast milk in her husband’s tea is going viral [Photo: YouTube/Netmums Parenting]

Since uploading the short video to the Netmums Facebook page it is quickly going viral, clocking up over 120K views in the first few hours and receiving hundreds of comments from other parents who are divided in their reactions to the prank.

“It’s better for him than a animals milk to be fair and it comes from his partner who he loves, probably kisses and exchanges bodily fluid with anyhow. And the person who compared breastmilk to sperm…would you feed your baby sperm?” one user wrote.

“My partner did this willingly,” another added. “Any leftofter that would have been tossed he put into coffee or drank from the bottle. Its full of protien and goodness, I felt weird myself but different strokes and all that.”

“I did that with chocolate milk for my 7yrs and 5 yrs kids hahahaha was soooo funny,” another mum commented.


But other’s weren’t quite so impressed about the new mum’s joke.

“Am I the only one thinking WTF? I was bf 2 years and it never ever occurred to me once to think it’s funny to put bm into my ohs food or drinks,” one user wrote.

“The most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen,” added another.

Commenting on the video, Netmums Editor in Chief, Annie O’Leary said:

“‘I’m pretty sure the thought has crossed most of our minds at some point! We’re fascinated that it’s dividing the Internet though. The comments haven’t stopped flooding in. But comparing it to semen?! I truly have no words.’

It’s not the first time Charlotte has become an Internet sensation – earlier this year, she live streamed the birth of her daughter Ivy, to give a ‘true-to-life’ live account of childbirth. 

And Charlotte isn’t the only mum to use breast milk in a surprising way. Back in July we reported on the mum who’d baked brownies for the school bake sale using her own milk. 

We’ll stick to black coffee, thanks.

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