Woman shares her boyfriend's strict 'Avengers: Endgame' cinema trip rules

A mother revealed her boyfriend’s strict instructions ahead of their cinema trip. [Photo: Getty]
A mother revealed her boyfriend’s strict instructions ahead of their cinema trip. [Photo: Getty]

We’ve all given the side-eye to somebody who won’t be quiet during a trip to the cinema.

Cyrille Sokpor took it to the next level and issued his girlfriend with very strict instructions prior to their trip to see Avengers: Endgame.

Kamilla Rose shared his detailed rules on Twitter and they quickly went viral.

Rules like “I will not be moving to allow you to pass for a toilet break – find an alternative route” and “you may quietly drink water” left Twitter users hysterical.

Thousands of people responded to Kamilla’s tweet, praising her boyfriend’s dedication to the latest Avengers film.

One man sympathised with Cyrille saying: “To be honest, I’m against the idea of bringing a non-Marvel fan with me to watch it.”

“I laughed so hard… because I think this is more than reasonable.” Another woman wrote.

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The Marvel film will wrap up 11 years of 21 storylines and has been a firm date in the calendar for many superhero fans.

#AvengersEndgame is the number one worldwide trend at the moment. It’s being used by Marvel fans all over the world.

To prove what a Marvel novice she was, Kamilla used the wrong hashtag. She hashtagged her post with #AvangersEndgame, causing thousands of people to correct her on her blunder.

The mother joked that the “irony levels are even higher with the typo”.

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Cyrille even brought their 18-month-old son into it stating: “In case of emergency related to our son, I give you full authority to leave and take control. I’ll join you after the film (inc end credits).”

The post has been shared and liked thousands of times with people branding Cyrille a “legend” and deeming his requests perfectly “reasonable”.

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