Bella Thorne shared her leg hair on Snapchat, because why not

Bella Thorne
“Ok fine. I’ll shave” [Photo: PA/Bella Thorne/Snapchat]

Body hair is no big deal. No, really.

And a strong believer in this is Bella Thorne, who recently posted a photo of her leg hair onto Snapchat.

She teamed the zoomed-in shot of her fuzz – which was definitely beyond stubble length – with the caption “Ok fine. I’ll shave”.

Bella Thorne
Why do we make such a fuss about body hair? [Photo: Bella Thorne/Snapchat]

The magic of the post isn’t that she captioned it with a political statement or even said it was beautiful (which are both good messages too, of course), but that she put her furry legs up there totally casually.

Which you can imagine hearing from a female friend, but not usually from someone so high profile or in the media.

And this isn’t the first time Thorne’s fought her corner when it comes to leg hair – in December last year she had the perfect response to a Twitter troll who told her to shave her legs.

And the same went for her armpit hair.

Thorne isn’t the only well-known woman to have proudly gone unshaven either.

Earlier this year Lola Kirke attended the Golden Globes with her armpit hair grown out, while more and more fashion bloggers are deciding to forgo the razor and share the results with their followers.

And it’s an important point – if all of us treated it as no big deal like Thorne then very soon, it could stop being one.

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