This Woman Had The Best Response To Trolls Who Body-Shamed Her For Having Armpit Hair


A student who was trolled for revealing her armpit hair has had the best response [Photo: Facebook/Laura De - Photo by Florence Lecloux Photographe]

Back in May philosophy student Laura De took part in a photoshoot to promote body confidence and “challenge society’s expectations of women and their bodies.” But when one of the images was shared on Facebook, it incited online outrage and lead to Laura receiving a deluge of abuse. Her crime? Daring to bare her hairy armpits.

Laura originally agreed to team up with photographer Florence Lecloux to help open up discussions about female body hair and the fact that women are often expected to remove it with no questions asked.

But social media users seemed to miss the point and instead, lashed out at the images of women in their natural state.

“Good luck with the tarantulas under your arms,” one user wrote in French.

“That chick is dirtier than an animal,” another body-shamer added. Others resorted to personal attacks telling Laura she was ‘disgusting’ simply for having underarm hair, while one commenter went as far as to brand Laura “a f***ing slut”.

According to Buzzfeed, the post received more than 7,000 comments and 6,000 reactions on Facebook.

Shocked by the response Laura sought out a feminist Facebook group for support, who then posted more positive comments on the photos, praising Laura for her body confidence.


Laura had the best response to body-shaming trolls [Photo: Facebook/Laura De]

And thankfully Laura hasn’t let all the trolling get to her. Sharing another picture of herself with armpit hair, Laura penned an accompanying message with lashings of body confidence.

“Things can go very far. Too far,” she wrote

“I am a girl who decided to do what she wanted her body. And the consequences of this were collective humiliation, harassment, insults, threats.

“I’m often told that in Belgium and in France we do not need the feminism, that women have enough rights. All this violence proves [that’s not true].

“In Belgium, a country that calls itself free and developed, when a woman wants to say no to waxing, it will be punished until she goes inside the standard again.”

Issuing a heartfelt thank you to those who offered messages of support, Laura continued: “Girls, boys and non-binary that fight for a fairer world with courage and inflexibility, you are my heroes.”

The controversy over women and body hair has been gathering steam of late. Girls star Jemimah Kirke recently walked the red carpet at the CFDA Awards, proudly displaying her hairy underarms. And the ever-rebellious Miley Cyrus has also posed for photos that showed off her armpit hair – even dying it pink one time.


Laura shared this hair-free armpit picture to prove what to do with body hair is her own choice [Photo: Facebook/Laura De]

After her appreciative post Laura also shared a photo of her hair-free armpit. You know: just to make the point that bushy or bare, it’s entirely up to a woman what she wants to do with her body hair.

“Sometimes I shave, sometimes not, the important thing is that it’s my choice,” she wrote.

“I wish everybody to love their own body and not judge those of others. My body, my choice.”

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